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Chinese Government Scholarship


(1) Scholarship Duration

1. Master degree students: 2-3 years

2. Ph.D. degree students: 3-4 years


(2) Scholarship Coverage and Standard

1. The CSC Scholarship students will be immune from register fees, tuition, experiment fee, practice fee, basically books fee, and dormitory fees on campus. (The dorms are crowded in Beijing, two students (Master or Ph.D. students) will share one room, if you do not want to share one room with another, please DO NOT apply.)

2. The CSC scholarship students will get the support of living fees. The standards of living fee are RMB 1700 Yuan per month for master's degree students, RMB 2000 Yuan per month for Ph.D. degree students.

3. Supply out-patient medical service and Heath Insurance for International Students.


(3) How to Apply on Website

1. Logon website of

2. Register for a Username and a Password

3. Login with your username and password

4. Fill in the application. (The information with a red star means that you must fill in, the others no red star you’d better try your best to fill in, it is helpful for you to be selected.)

4.1 Application form: (select “CHINESE GOVERNMENT SCHOLARSHIP”)

4.2 Personal Data: (Agency No.: 11415 The Permanent Contact and Present Contact information must be filled in.)

4.3 Education Background and Employment Record (All the information must be filled in.

4.4 Language Proficiency and Proposed Study in China (All the information must be filled in.)

4.5 Contact inChina(If you have no guarantor or friends in china, you need NOT fill in.  The Family Members' information must be filled in.)

Complete other parts and submit the application form.

5. Print the application form and paste your photos on the application forms.


(4) Application Documents

1.  the application form was completed on the website.

2.  A photocopy of the applicant’s passport.

3.  Two original reference letters (Recommendation Letters).

4.  Academic diploma: a photocopy of the applicant’s latest academic diploma or certificate of university education (The diploma must be written in English or Chinese if not, it must be a notarial copy in English or Chinese).

5.  Academic record: The original transcript of the academic record (A photocopy of the transcript is invalid).

6.  Study Plan.

7.  Original Health Exam Form.

Staple all the above documents together, and make another TWO copies of the filed documents. Please send the THREE stapled documents by DHL, TNT, FedEx, or UPS to CUGB.


Contact Name: International CooperationOffice,ChinaUniversityofGeosciences(Beijing)

Address: No. 29 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China

Post Code: 100083

Tel: 0086-10-82321080 Fax: 0086-10-82321080


(5) Apply Deadline

Please send your documents to us before April 10th.


(6) Admission Time

Once you are admitted, the Admission Notice and JW201 form (For applying visa inChina) will be sent to you near July 15th.


(7) New Semester Opening Time

The new Semester for the next Academic year is about September 15th.


(8) Study Language

English or Chinese. All the CSC students study at CUGB should learn the Chinese Language for one year if they did not study Chinese before. Most of the courses are taught in Chinese. If your English is good enough, you can finish your thesis or dissertation in English, but the abstract must be written inChina. You can also write your thesis or dissertation in Chinese.


(9) Contact Information:

International CooperationOffice,ChinaUniversityofGeosciences(Beijing)

No. 29 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China

Post Code: 100083

Contact Name: Mr. Liu

Tel: 0086-10-82321080

Fax: 0086-10-82321080



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