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Chinese Language

1.Teaching Hours and Activities for Chinese Language and Culture

The program usually gives 20 hours of instruction a week, about 16 weeks each semester. Cultural visits such as trips to the Great Wall and student parties are also organized for long-term students. 



The Chinese Language courses generally include Pronunciation, Grammar, Conversation, Listening, Writing, Reading, and Practical activities. The curriculum’s breadth has met the special demands and interests of students, and students can choose specific classes as they see fit for their levels, such as Beginner, Fair, Good, Excellent. HSK training programs are available. In addition, CD Course, Chinese Computing Application, TV News Understanding, Tourist in Beijing, Chinese Film Appreciation, Social Visit and Topics on Social Customs are provided.


3.Time For A New Semester

There are two academic semesters, the spring semester & the fall semester. The spring semester begins in March and the fall semester begins in September.


4.Apply Time

All the applicants should submit their application forms to the international cooperation office before the new semester begins.


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