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leaders visited the frontline staff on duty





Thanks for all the efforts with a blessing for New Year! On February 11th, on the morning of Chinese New Year's Eve, university leaders Ma Junjie, Sun Young, Lin Shanyuan, and Duan Xiang paid a cordial visit to the staff on duty.

University leaders came to the university offices, the party committee work department, the logistics group electric operation room, security monitoring center.

Information network center, the 19th Building on campus, logistics group, boiler room, security department, garbage station, gymnasium, catering center of logistics group.

University hospital and residents' committees, to express thanks and blessing for all on-duty staff to thank them for a year’s efforts to guarantee the safety and normal operation of the university.

They also expressed thanks for their efforts to keep a harmonious campus Details for the working plan of each work unit during the Spring Festival were inquired, too.

The university leaders emphasized that the Party Committee's Student Affairs Department, Logistics Group, Gym, and other relevant departments should pay close attention to the situation of students who stay on campus and arrange their study and life well.

The information network center should do a good job in guaranteeing online teaching after the beginning of the spring semester in 2021.

According to the epidemic prevention requirements of the superior, the university hospital should make sufficient preparations to ensure the smooth development of nucleic acid testing and vaccine vaccination for teachers and students.
Wherever university leaders went, laughter can be heard. They ardently told everyone that they should pay more attention to their own safety while doing a good job serving the university community.

Sincere wishes for good health, family happiness, the New Year of the Ox were expressed.

Accompanied by the School Office, the Party Committee of the Propaganda Department, the Party Committee of the Security Department, the University Union, the Logistics Group, and other relevant departments. 


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