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Won the honorary title of advanced water-saving unit

On the morning of May 14, the Xuzhou Municipal Government held the 2021 Water Conservation Work Conference. Our school was awarded the title of “Advanced Water-saving Unit in Xuzhou City in 2020”, Ma Ke, the deputy minister of General Affairs Department, was awarded the title of “Advanced Water-saving Individual” in Xuzhou City, and Lin Baojiang, deputy director of the Energy Management Center of the Ministry of General Affairs, was selected as the first “Festival in Xuzhou City”. Water Ambassador".


For a long time, the school has attached great importance to water conservation, adhering to the construction of a conservation-oriented campus, starting from the overall situation of establishing and improving a long-term water-saving mechanism, insisting on the combination of top-level design and teacher and student practice, and systematic thinking to do a good job in water resource utilization and water conservation jobs. Under the leadership of the school’s leading group for energy conservation and emission reduction, the General Affairs Department has continuously improved the water management system and water use supervision mechanism, and strengthened the rigid constraints of water-saving with the transformation of water use as a breakthrough; adhered to the application of innovative technologies and vigorously promoted the social reform of water-saving projects. , To improve the overall water efficiency of the campus with project technical transformation; adhere to the use of publicity and education activities to create a water-saving ecology on the campus, fully infiltrate the concept of conservation from the classroom into the life education and daily management of students, and guide the teachers and students of the school to strive to be demonstrators of water conservation Work with promoters to create a resource-saving and environment-friendly campus. With the joint efforts of the teachers and students of the school, the school's water-saving work has been recognized and commended by the higher-level government and industry departments many times and has successively shared water-saving experience in Xuzhou City and the Provincial Logistics Association.

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