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Held a lecture on Yu Hongzhen's teacher ethics


Report meeting scene


Professor Yu Hongzhen made a report

On the afternoon of May 19, the Teacher Work Department of the Party Committee, the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee, and the Party Committee of the School of Information and Control Engineering jointly held the first National Famous Teaching Teacher and the winner of the second National Outstanding Teaching Award Professor Yu Hongzhen in the lecture hall of the library. report meeting. Gong Cheng, Deputy Minister of the Teacher Work Department of the Party Committee and Deputy Minister of Human Resources, presided over the report. More than 220 young teacher representatives from all secondary colleges of the school attended the report meeting.

At the report meeting, Professor Yu Hongzhen took the theme of "Practice the education and love to nurture peaches and plums", from "Love and dedication to work, loyal to the party's education", "Teach and educate people, promote the integration of students' knowledge and practice", "Explore, innovate, and lead Based on the four aspects of "students diligently learning and good learning" and "teaching and research, mutual promotion of teaching and research", combined with their own professional career experience of cultivating people, teaching and educating people, they shared their own teaching insights with the young teachers participating in the conference. From the time when he graduated and stayed to teach at the school, Professor Yu Hongzhen has closely linked his destiny with the mining university, education causes, and coal industry, and has become a model of teacher ethics and education model respected by young teachers of the university. Professor Yuan Xiaoping and Associate Professor Wang Gang of the School of Information and Control Engineering under the tutelage of Professor Yu Hongzhen combined themselves in the report meeting with the guidance of Professor Hongzhen in studying and learning, educating people, and sharing their views with the young teachers at the meeting. Professor Hong Zhen's profound feelings and real experience of lofty teacher ethics and excellent teaching style.

This year marks the 112th anniversary of the establishment of the school. It coincides with the 60 years of Professor Yu Hongzhen’s career in education. The school held a special lecture on teacher ethics, aiming to further promote and inherit the noble teacher ethics and style, and create a strong "practical code of conduct and upright teacher ethics". The atmosphere of "teaching style" effectively guides the vast number of young teachers to adhere to the "four unity", strive to be a good teacher of the "four haves", and be a good "four guides" to guide and motivate the majority of teachers in their professional careers. Strive to grow into a "Mr. Big" who shapes students' character, conduct, and taste.

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