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Have a meeting to exchange experience


The scene of the exchange meeting


The scene of the exchange meeting

On the evening of March 5th, the undergraduate international student training program and course selection issues experience sharing exchange meeting was held in Room 415 of the International College. The conference was hosted by Mando, an international student from Niger, and online simultaneous communication was conducted through the "Tencent Conference". International student counselors and 75 international students from home and abroad participated in the exchange meeting.

Affected by the epidemic, some international students of our school were unable to return to the school. The school specially formulated the "School Arrangements for the Teaching and Examination of Undergraduate International Students of China University of Mining and Technology during the Period of Epidemic Prevention and Control", which effectively guaranteed the normal learning progress of domestic and overseas international students. This conference demonstrated in detail the functions and common operations of the educational administration system for international students, deepened international students' understanding of the major they are studying, and guided students to make personal plans and improve their ability to solve problems independently.

Ai Jiming from the School of Mining Engineering in Yemen said: “Due to the impact of the epidemic, all students cannot study and live as normal as before, but I see that everyone is working hard to complete their learning tasks. When I first entered school, I learned At the time, like everyone else, I was not familiar with the operation of the curriculum and the educational administration system. When I encountered a problem, the senior international students taught me how to deal with it. Therefore, under the current situation, I will try my best to help other students. Hopefully. Everyone is learning smoothly!"


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