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The interview was successfully completed

On the afternoon of April 12, the International Education College of China University of Petroleum (Beijing) interviewed the first batch of applicants for undergraduate programs that passed the material review.

This interview was conducted in accordance with the principles of fairness, openness, and impartiality. The interviewer inspected the interviewer's language expression ability, on-the-spot adaptability, learning ability, and personal goals, etc., to identify whether the students meet the project enrollment standards.

During the interview, many students expressed their desire to study in China and expressed high expectations for possible future studies, hoping to embark on a fulfilling and happy learning journey at the China University of Petroleum.

In addition, the second batch of undergraduate applicants will be interviewed in mid-May 2021. The specific notice will be announced on the website in advance.

Students who have not submitted applications are requested to submit them as soon as possible. Those who have already submitted applications, please pay close attention to our website and application registration mailbox!



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