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Beijing Scholarship for Foreign Students

In order to attract outstanding foreign students or scholars to study or engage in scientific research at China University of Petroleum (Beijing), improve the quality of foreign student education, and expand the school's international influence, the Beijing Municipal Government has established the "Beijing Foreign Student Scholarship" project at China University of Petroleum. In order to do a good job in the evaluation and management of this scholarship, these measures are formulated.


(1) Standard

1. Beijing Municipal Scholarship for Foreign Students" First Prize

The tuition fee per academic year is 5,000 yuan, and the remaining tuition fees are exempted.

2. The second prize of "Beijing Foreign Student Scholarship"

According to our school’s tuition fees for international students, half of the school year’s tuition fees will be waived. The tuition fees are as follows:

Undergraduate: 13,000 yuan/year

Master's degree: 15,000 yuan/year

PhD: 18,000 yuan/year


(2) Open professional

All majors of China University of Petroleum (Beijing)

China University of Petroleum (Beijing)


(3) Applicant qualifications

Undergraduates who apply to study for a bachelor's degree in our school or graduate students who study for a master's degree or a doctorate degree, and those who have already studied in our school, who meet the following conditions, are eligible to apply for the "Beijing Foreign Student Scholarship" from our school.

1. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens;

2. Applicants are able to abide by Chinese laws and school rules and regulations, are in good health, and have good conduct;

3. The age is not more than 45 years old;

4. The applicant's academic performance meets the standards of our school's scholarship students, and the grade point GPA≥3.0;

5. Applicants applying for Chinese-taught programs should have the corresponding Chinese proficiency and provide relevant certificates; applicants whose native language is not English and applying for English-taught programs must meet the following standards in English: IELTS≧6.5, TOEFL≧80 (if undergraduate Or students who have had two or more years of teaching experience in English during postgraduate study can also submit an official certificate issued by the school to replace IELTS or TOEFL scores); students whose native language or official language is English are encouraged to apply for English-taught programs

Those who have the following behaviors are not allowed to apply for the "Beijing Foreign Student Scholarship":

1. Violation of the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China;

2. Violation of the rules and disciplines of the China University of Petroleum;

3. Violating social ethics and causing adverse effects.


(4) Application process/approach

Log in to the online application system of China University of Petroleum, and select "Beijing Scholarship for Foreign Students" in the scholarship option


(5) Required materials for application

1. Passport (information page)

2. Notarized highest academic degree certificate and transcript

3. No criminal record certificate

4. Physical Examination Form

5. Study plan

6. Resume

7. Two recommendation letters from tutors in the same professional field (associate professor and associate professor or above)

8. China University of Petroleum (Beijing) tutor acceptance letter (Master and Ph.D.)


(6) Receiving department

China University of Petroleum-Beijing International Education College


(7) Contact details

International Education College, China University of Petroleum (Beijing), 18 Fuxue Road, Changping District, Beijing

Zip code 102249

Phone: 010-89733796



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