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Five international students won government scholarships

Recently, the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges of the Ministry of Education issued the "Notice on Announcement of Award Results of Outstanding Chinese Government Scholarships for International Students in China in 2020."

According to the application and selection of experts, a total of 575 international students in China will be awarded the "Chinese Government Scholarship for Outstanding International Students in China" in 2020.

Among them, five international students from China University of Petroleum (Beijing) won awards, namely IQBAL KASHIF, a 2018 doctoral student (IQBAL KASHIF, nationality: Pakistan, major: chemical engineering and technology), and a 2019 master student pearl (OSEI BOAKYE NANCY).

PEARL, nationality: Ghana, major: geological resources and geological engineering, 2018 undergraduate DUONG THI THANH MAI (nationality: Vietnam, major: petroleum engineering), 2017 doctoral student AWAN RIZWAN SARWAR, nationality: Pakistan, major: geological resources and geological engineering), 2018 doctoral student Madu (ALI ISSOUFOU MAHAMADOU SIRADJO, nationality: Niger, major: oil and gas field development engineering).

The recognition of the five international students in school this time is a full affirmation of their outstanding academic performance and outstanding comprehensive performance during their school period, and also fully demonstrates the educational achievements of our school's international students.

It is hoped that all international students in the school will follow their example, study Chinese, Chinese culture, and professional knowledge, actively participate in cultural and sports activities both inside and outside the school, and achieve even better results.




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