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Organize hand-made lipstick activities

In March, the sun is shining and full of vitality, and there is a strong spring everywhere. On this warm spring day, we ushered in the 111th "March 8" International Women's Day.

In order to celebrate the "March 8th" International Women's Day and enrich the campus cultural atmosphere, the School of International Education of China Rock University organized the "Meet in March Day-Handmade Essential Oil Lipstick Activity" on March 7.

A total of 10 female students from 7 countries including the Bahamas, the Republic of South Sudan, and Ghana participated in the event.




At the event site, the teacher introduced the materials and production process of lipstick to everyone one by one. After listening carefully to the teacher’s explanation and familiarizing with the tools, the students began to make.

The raw materials were mixed and stirred in a certain proportion, then put into a beaker for heating, melted, poured into a mold to cool, and finally stripped and placed in an imported red tube. Through a series of steps such as mixing and fixing, the lipstick made by the students was released.

Through this handicraft activity, international students in school can experience the fun of making lipstick, improve students' hands-on ability, let them master new skills, and enrich students' amateur life.


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