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Admissions Guide for Bachelor's Degree in 2021


School system introduction

The school system is four years, using Chinese teaching, and the learning method is full-time.


Application conditions

Non-Chinese citizens with high school graduation or equivalent, 18-25 years old in principle, Chinese proficiency at or equivalent to the new HSK level 4 or above, and a valid foreign passport, Physical and mental health, no criminal record, willing to abide by Chinese laws and regulations, respect Chinese customs and habits, and abide by school rules and regulations.


Note: Foreign students applying for a bachelor's degree in the Capital Institute of Physical Education, if their Chinese level does not meet the corresponding entry requirements, can study Chinese as a preparatory student for one year at the school, and transfer to an undergraduate student after passing the score.


Application method

Log in to to download the "Application Form for Foreign Students Admission to the Capital University of Physical Education", and submit it to the International Education College of the Capital University of Physical Education along with other materials. How to submit application materials: (1) Scanned copies of the materials should be sent to the email address:; (2) Paper materials should be mailed or submitted by others.


Material details:

1. "Application Form for Foreign Students Admission to Capital Institute of Physical Education" (download and print, please paste a 2-inch passport-free photo and be signed by the applicant and the guarantor);

2. High school graduation certificate and high school transcripts (for fresh high school graduates, a pre-graduation certificate will be issued by the school where the student is located, and the high school graduation certificate will be submitted after being admitted);

3. Personal statement: including personal study and work experience, study plan in China, etc.;

4. New HSK Level 4 or above certificate and transcript;

5. Recommendation letters from two teachers (no fixed format, please sign the recommender);

6. Copy of passport (The passport must be an ordinary passport that is still valid within three months after enrollment);

7. Certificate of no criminal record;

8. Physical examination form for foreigners;

9. 5 passport size photos (please write your name and major on the back of the photo);

10. The registration fee is RMB 400 (The application will only be accepted after the payment is successful);

11. Students who are currently studying in other schools in China need to submit the "Transfer Consent Letter" (or a copy of the completion certificate) issued by the school;

★The original or notarized copy of the above materials shall be submitted unless otherwise specified

★All application materials should be submitted in Chinese or English

★The application fee and application materials are not refundable


Application time

1. Full scholarship project:

From November 15, 2020, to March 31, 2021


2. Partial scholarship and self-financed projects:

November 15, 2020, to June 15, 2021


Admissions major

Refer to the attachment for admissions majors. For majors, please refer to the undergraduate admissions website:


Assessment methods

Pass HSK scores, application materials, interviews, etc. for assessment.


Admission notice

At the beginning of July each year, applicants can contact the International Education College of the Capital University of Physical Education by email or phone to inquire about admission results and scholarship review results.


For those who are admitted, the International Education Institute of the Capital University of Physical Education will issue the "Admission Notice" and "Visa Application Form for Foreign Students Studying in China" in early July.


Visa application

Admitted applicants should bring their ordinary passports, "Admission Notice", "Visa Application Form for Foreigners Studying in China" (JW201/202 Form), "Foreigner Physical Examination Record" and blood test report (all originals are required) to the Chinese Embassy Foreign embassies (consulates) apply for an X1 or X2 visa to study in China, and with the above materials, go to the International Education College of Capital University of Physical Education to complete the enrollment procedures at the time specified in the notice.



Freshmen should report to the school on time according to the time specified in the admission notice. When registering, please bring the "Admission Notice", "JW201/202 Form", original application materials, and 5 2-inch white background ID photos. If you have undergone a physical examination in your home country, please bring all the original physical examination materials. The school will review the enrollment qualifications after the student register. During the review, if it is found that the student's admission notice, candidate information, and other supporting materials are inconsistent with the actual situation of the person, or there is a situation such as fraud, favoritism, etc., it is determined as unqualified, and the freshman's enrollment qualification will be canceled or the student status will be obtained.


Fee standard

Tuition: RMB 22,000/academic year

Accommodation fee: about 15000 RMB/academic year (double room)



1. Full scholarship

Source of funding: Chinese Government Scholarship;

Funding content: free tuition, free on-campus accommodation, and comprehensive medical insurance, provide monthly living expenses by national regulations;

Please fill out and submit the application information online:


2. Partial scholarship

Source of funding: Beijing Scholarship for Foreign Students ;

Funding content: subsidize the tuition for the first year of freshmen, and after the second year, the scholarship level will be assessed based on the academic record of the previous academic year and the comprehensive performance of the school, which can be divided into full tuition subsidy, half tuition subsidy or no tuition subsidy;

Please contact the teacher of the Capital Institute of Physical Education to apply directly when registering.



Scholarship students will all live in the International Student Apartment of the Capital University of Physical Education. If self-financed students need on-campus accommodation, please contact the International Students Office and book in advance. Self-financed international students can also live off-campus. Check-in at the administrative department of the place of residence within 24 hours after entry.


Payment method

The registration fee must be paid at the time of registration, and other fees shall be paid according to the requirements of the admission notice. Fees are all denominated in RMB. The payment method is bank remittance transfer. For remittance students, please remit to the designated account and save the remittance voucher for verification.


Payee's name: Capital University of Physical Education and Sports

Bank account: 0200 0100 0908 8202 047

Account bank name: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Beijing Beitaipingzhuang Sub-branch

Remitter's postscript/remarks The student's valid passport number (please note it so that you can find the remittance record).



Address: International Students Office, Capital University of Physical Education and Sports, No. 11, Beisanhuan West Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China

Post Code: 100191

Phone: 010-82099102





Undergraduate Admissions Major

1. Physical Education Major

2. Major in physical training

3. Social Sports Guidance and Management Major

4. Major in Leisure Sports

5. Journalism major

6. Major in Sports Economics and Management

7. Public Service Management Major

8. Sports Rehabilitation

9. Sports Human Science Major

10. Major in dance performance

11. Sports training major

12. Martial arts and traditional national sports major

13. Major in Sports Tourism

14. E-sports sports and management major


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