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Capital University of Physical Education and Sports is the only higher sports college in Beijing. It was founded in 1956 and was originally named Beijing Sports School. In 1960, it was transformed into Beijing Normal University of Physical Education. In 1962, it was merged into Beijing Normal University. In 1979, the Beijing Normal University of Physical Education was restored. In 2000, it was renamed the Capital University of Physical Education and Sports. In 2020, according to the classified development plan of Beijing's public universities, our school was identified as a "high-level characteristic university".


The school has three campuses: the main campus, the north campus and the Fenghuangling campus. The total number of students is 5,046, including 3,298 undergraduates, 840 doctoral and master students, 520 adult education students, and affiliated sports school students. 287 people and 101 foreign students.


The school has 9 teaching units, including the School of Physical Education and Training, the School of Sports Science and Health, the School of Martial Arts and Performance, the School of Management and Communication, the School of Leisure and Social Sports, the School of Ice and Snow Sports, the School of Continuing Education, the School of International Education, and the School of Marxism. , And two directly affiliated research institutions, including the Sports Artificial Intelligence Research Institute and the Sports-Medical Fusion Innovation Center. Physical education, sports training, physical training, sports human science, sports rehabilitation, social sports guidance and management, leisure sports, sports tourism, martial arts and traditional national sports, dance performance, journalism, public service management, sports economy and management, E-sports sports and management and other 14 undergraduate majors. Among them, 5 majors are national first-class majors, 2 majors are national characteristic majors, and 4 majors are Beijing first-class majors. The school has 2 national teaching teams, 2 national quality courses, 1 national quality resource sharing course, 2 national first-class courses, 20 national planning textbooks, and 1 national off-campus practice education base for college students.


Since 1985, the school has been cultivating postgraduates with a master's degree. In 1993, it was authorized for a master's degree. In 2003, it was approved by the Ministry of Education to jointly cultivate Ph.D. students in physical education with Fujian Normal University. In 2009, it became the first batch of full-time graduate students with a master's degree in physical education. The unit, in 2011, obtained the authorization point of master's degree in the first-level discipline of "Physical Education". In 2012, it passed the review of the National Special Needs Doctoral Talents Training Project of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, and began to recruit Ph.D. graduate students in physical education. In 2018, it was approved as a construction unit for the Beijing doctoral degree awarding project. It has 6 second-level discipline master degree authorization points and 2 majors The degree authorization point includes three disciplines, namely, physical education and training, sports humanities and sociology, and sports human science, which are key (construction) disciplines in Beijing. In 2019, the "Physical Education" of our school was selected into the list of high-precision disciplines in Beijing universities. In 2020, the physical education discipline of our school ranks 8th among the 107 participating universities in the ranking of the best disciplines in China and enters the top 10% of the country. In 2021, our school ranks 3rd among the 14 sports colleges in the country in the ranking of Shanghai Sports University.


The school has distinctive features of scientific research and social services and has 15 provinces and ministries, including "Beijing Key Laboratory", "Key Laboratory of the State Sports General Administration", "'2011 Plan" Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Sports Fitness and Leisure Development Collaborative Innovation Center" Level research platform and 1 post-doctoral research workstation. It has 6 characteristic scientific research teams, including the "Winter Olympics/Winter Paralympics Ice and Snow Project Technology Service Team", "Psychological Service Team", "Athletics National Team Scientific Research and Technology Service Team", "Physical Sports Function Training Team", "Sports Artificial Intelligence Team" and "Olympic Education and Research Team". He helped the national team win 60 World Championships and Olympic champions and 27 runner-ups. At present, more than 50 teachers and students are stationed in the national team to carry out scientific and technological research services for 15 sports such as track and field, shooting, freestyle skiing, and steel-frame skiing, escorting the national team to achieve excellent results.


"Journal of Capital Institute of Physical Education" is the source journal of Peking University's "Overview of Chinese Core Journals" and "National Excellent Journals of Social Sciences in Colleges and Universities". The "Physical Education" magazine sponsored by the school is aimed at sports workers in universities, middle schools and primary schools across the country. It is a highly influential periodical in the field of school sports and is highly recognized by society.


There is 509 teaching staff in the school, including 343 full-time teachers. 53.1% of the teachers have senior titles, and 93.3% have master's or doctor's degrees. Among them, 20 won the title of world-class athletes, 37 won the title of world-class referees, as well as a number of national overseas talent project experts, new century talent project national candidates, experts enjoying special government subsidies from the State Council, young Changjiang Scholars, Beijing's "high innovation plan" million leading talents, Beijing's "high innovation plan" young top talents, It is a high-level professional with the titles of "excellent young and middle-aged professional and technical talents 100 plan" of the State General Administration of sports, Beijing innovation team, Beijing Great Wall scholar, Beijing famous teaching teacher, etc. The school has implemented the "high-level talent introduction plan" and successfully introduced 2 national-level overseas talent project experts as distinguished professors and 45 high-level experts and scholars of sports at home and abroad as visiting professors.


During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, school students participated in 530 competitions at or above the provincial level. Among them, they won 16 first place in major international competitions such as the World Championships, the World Cup and the World University Games. They also participated in the Asian Games, Asian Championships, and Asian University Championships. Won first place in major Asian competitions with 7 person-times; won first place in national competitions with 902 person-times, of which 194 person-times won first place in major national competitions such as the National Games, National Championships, and National Professional Leagues. Train 26 athletes and 56 first-level athletes.


Since the establishment of the school, the school has established inter-school exchanges and cooperation with more than 60 universities and scientific research institutions in more than 30 countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The general agreement on academic and scientific cooperation signed with the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia has been included. List of outcomes of the seventh China-CEEC summit. The "Belt and Road National Ambassadors to China Sports Forum" has become a brand event of national strategic significance for foreign exchanges. In addition, the Education Development Center of the Asian University Sports Federation, the Hanban International Promotion of Chinese Martial Arts Training and Research Base of the Ministry of Education, the Foreign Exchange and Training Center of the Student Sports Association of the Ministry of Education, and the Sino-foreign Humanities Exchange Center of the Ministry of Education "High-level international talent training and innovation "Practice Base", Beijing "Belt and Road" National Talent Training Base, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics Training Base, "Beijing 2022" Beijing Elementary and Secondary School Student Olympic Education Working Group Office Secretariat, and many other international and domestic high-quality Educational resources settled in our school.


Facing the new situation, the school firmly seized the major historical opportunities in the preparations for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympics, adhering to the school motto of "striving for innovation with the spirit of challenger", and following the "high-level, small but sophisticated, and internationalized" school motto. The orientation of running a school of "service-oriented", highlighting the six school-running characteristics of "sports education, Olympic education, artificial intelligence in sports, integration of sports and medicine, culture and news communication, and ice and snow sports", giving full play to the national team and sports power of the international Olympic education research and promotion The main force in the implementation of the Healthy China strategy and the pioneering role of sports technology innovation, strides forward towards the goal of creating a world-class sports university that integrates the development of Chinese sports spirit and Olympic spirit.


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