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Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival


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As the Chinese traditional festival Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, the International Education Institute organizes international students on campus to carry out cultural experience activities of "Taste mooncakes, talk about Mid-Autumn Festival, and celebrate the festival together". By leading the study abroad to make moon cakes by hand, experience the making of Chinese food, and help them better understand traditional Chinese customs.


At the event site, the teachers of the International Student Work Management Department first introduced the traditional customs of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the origin of moon cakes and the way the Chinese celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival to several international students, and organized the students to conduct a quick response activity for the knowledge of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Subsequently, the process of making moon cakes was demonstrated on the spot, pressing the dough, kneading the egg yolk and minced stuffing dough, and setting the shape in a mold with the words "Chunjiang Huayueye". Under the guidance of the teachers, the international students followed the steps to make them in a model-like manner.


This is the first time that international students have tried to make mooncakes. They are both excited and full of expectations. "It's funny! It's great! This is the first time I have eaten Chinese moon cakes. They are delicious! I want to take pictures and send them to my mother and share them with her!" Afuya, a student from Rwanda, said excitedly. Ali, a student from Yemen, said that making mooncakes looks simple, but it takes a lot of skills to make each step of kneading, dividing, filling, and impression. He also said that it was the first time he saw such an exquisite moon cake mold and felt that the process of wrapping the filling with the moon cake crust was very interesting. Mo Yu from the Democratic Republic of Congo is a freshman who has just entered the school. He is very interested in Chinese culture and speaks Chinese well. He thinks that the legends about the Mid-Autumn Festival and the moon are very interesting. He likes the Chinese custom of admiring the moon and sending lovesickness. He also admires the poem "Chunjiang Huayueye".


Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the School of International Education, with the joint efforts of all teachers and students, has actively carried out epidemic prevention and control and garbage classification for overseas students. In order to enrich the study and life of international students in the school, various cultural practice activities are regularly organized and carried out. Since the beginning of this year, through the combination of online and offline, we have successively organized "Perception of China·Our Anti-epidemic Story", "My Memory of the First Sports Academy in the Graduation Season", "Gourmet Show", "A View of Chinese Movies", "Walk all over China", "Martial Arts Cloud Class" and other activities such as clay sculpture experience activities allow international students to experience Chinese culture up close while encouraging them to learn Chinese, tell Chinese stories well, and cultivate their sentiments for understanding China and friendship.


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