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International students won"Outstanding International Students"


     International students won the 2020 "Outstanding International Students in China"


Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the results of the 2020 "Chinese Government Scholarship for Outstanding International Students in China". The Pakistani doctoral student Ali student of our school has been unanimously recognized by experts due to his academic situation, scientific research ability, and outstanding performance in China. Stand out and win this honor.


The "Chinese Government Scholarship for Outstanding International Students in China" is the highest honor awarded by the Chinese government to international students in China. It is selected once a year. The candidates are first reported by various universities and then reviewed by experts organized by the Ministry of Education to finally confirm the list of winners. The selection of this project is open to all scholarship students in the second year (inclusive) of all Chinese government scholarship institutions.


In October 2020, the School of International Education received the Ministry of Education's "Notice on Recommending "Outstanding Students in China"," and attached great importance to it, and immediately released relevant information to international students on campus. Based on the principles of fairness, impartiality, and openness, the Ministry of Education strictly implements the work process of "personal application, school recommendation, and school publicity". After receiving the student application materials, the School of International Education carefully reviews, patiently guides the students to improve the materials, carefully revises the "My Story of Coming to China" written by the students and the school recommendation letter to highlight the highlights and achievements of the students.


This is the sixth year of the implementation of the "Chinese Government Scholarship for Outstanding International Students in China" program. More than 200 institutions across the country that accept Chinese Government Scholarships can recommend qualified outstanding students to participate in the competition, and each school can recommend 3 candidates, very intense competition. So far, our school has won the award for six consecutive years. A total of 9 international students have won this award, including 3 from Vietnam, 2 from Rwanda, 2 from Pakistan, 1 from the Maldives, and 1 from Sri Lanka. Our school is also the only sports college in the country to receive this award in 2020. This not only brought great encouragement to the international students of our school but also reflected the rapid improvement of our school's international education level and the remarkable achievements in the training of foreign students.


RAZA, ALI (Ali), nationality: Pakistan, came to Capital University of Physical Education and Sports to learn Chinese in September 2017 and has successfully passed the HSK level 5 of Chinese. In September 2018, he started his doctoral course study. Supervisor: Wu Hao. In terms of academics, Ali students are hardworking, motivated, have strong learning ability, and have excellent academic performance, with an average score of 86.56. In addition, the student is also actively carrying out scientific research work, participating in various training classes and forums, and having a broad and in-depth understanding of Chinese culture, and actively participating in various school activities and competitions. During the epidemic, although Ali failed to return to school, he insisted on studying at home, actively communicated with his tutors, and continued his investigation and research work. Not only did he complete his internship, but he also participated in ACL Tear Level 1 and Level 2 recovery training and Female Athletes Hormonal. Imbalance training. At the same time, he assisted teachers in the daily health check-in management of international students and played an active role in the prevention and anti-epidemic work of international students.


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