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Beijing University International Student Campus Tournament







On the afternoon of June 9, the international student representative team of our school participated in the Capital University International Student Campus Orientation Invitational held by China University of Geosciences (Beijing). This invitational tournament was hosted by the China University of Geosciences (Beijing) and guided by Xueyuan Road Sub-district Office. A total of 16 teams from various universities in Beijing participated.


The international students of our school actively signed up to participate in the competition. After comprehensive consideration of the Chinese proficiency and usual performance of the registered students, the International Student Management Department finally selected 5 representatives of international students to participate in the competition, namely Yumark from France, Xiao Jun from Cameroon, Marina of Russia, Dolan and Kelvin of Turkmenistan.


Many interesting and meaningful activities were set up in this invitational tournament. Contestants need to use the map to cross the campus within the specified time and use the wisdom of the team to complete the check-in task. The most worth mentioning is that this invitational combines orienteering and traditional Chinese culture. During the run, you can pass the checkpoints step by step, completing "you draw me guess", "radical group words making sentences", "skipping rope", etc. The tasks with Chinese cultural characteristics have improved the physical and cultural qualities of students in all aspects.


During the competition, there was a sudden heavy rain. Even though the representatives of our school's international students were soaked, they still worked hard and moved forward courageously, demonstrating the good spirit of the international student group of the SEIJ.


In the end, the international student representative team of our school won sixth place in the off-campus team with a total score of 181 points. Every international student has carried forward the Olympic spirit of "faster, higher, stronger" and "solidarity, friendship, progress", and greatly enriched their study abroad life while absorbing Chinese knowledge.


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