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Student Swimming Competition


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Recently, the school successfully held the 8th Student Swimming Competition. The participating teams came from the School of Leisure and Social Sports, the School of Physical Education and Training, the School of Martial Arts and Performance, the School of Management and Communication, the School of Sports Science and Health, the School of International Education and the Graduate School. A total of 164 people participated in the competition in different groups. Among them, there are 133 undergraduates, 24 postgraduates and 7 international students.


This competition is divided into two groups, Group A and Group B. The competition events include four major events of butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle and relay, and 14 different events. After nearly 3 hours of fierce competition, the top three teams in Group A are the Physical Education Training College, the Graduate School and the Leisure and Social Sports College. The total scores are: 201, 98, and 29 points; the total score of the team is 201, 98, and 29. The top three in Group B are the School of Management and Communication, the Graduate School, and the School of Martial Arts and Performance, with a total score of 119, 56 and 32 points respectively.


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Under the active organization of the Office of Foreign Exchange and Cooperation, 6 international students from Ukraine, France, Zimbabwe, Egypt, and Albania participated in this Group B competition. After fierce competition, the foreign students achieved excellent results. Milla from Ukraine won second place in the 50-meter freestyle and third place in the 50-meter backstroke; Leysin from Zimbabwe won fifth place in the 50-meter breaststroke, 100 The fifth in the meter breaststroke; Youmark from France won seventh in the 50-meter breaststroke and the fourth in the 100-meter breaststroke. This competition not only enriched the study and life of international students during the epidemic, enhanced the exchanges between Chinese and foreign students and the friendship between teachers and students, but also deepened their understanding and feelings about the school, and enhanced their sense of belonging and identification with the school.


Through this competition, the players are not afraid of strong players, adhering to the spirit of the school motto of "strive and innovate with the spirit of challengers", cut through the waves, and forge ahead; the students promoted training with competitions and promoted learning with competitions, which effectively improved swimming. The skill level enriches students' extracurricular life, which is of great significance to promote the construction of campus culture and realize comprehensive education.


The competition was sponsored by the Academic Affairs Office of Capital University of Physical Education and Sports and undertaken by the College of Leisure and Social Sports. The four swimming teachers Yu Rong, Tang Jingzhi, Wang Hongwei and Zhang Weiwei from the Fashion Sports Department of the College of Leisure and Social Sports took on all the work of the executive. This competition was strongly supported by the secondary colleges, the International Education College, and the Kupe Sports and Cultural Center.


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