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Hold teacher assessment meeting



On the morning of October 23, the faculty and staff appraisal meeting of the School of International Education was held in conference room A1110 of the Comprehensive Research Building on the Xueyuan Road campus.

All members of the leadership team of the School of International Education, heads of various departments, and all the faculty hired by the college participated in the assessment meeting.

The meeting was presided over by Zeng Tao, secretary of the Party branch and deputy dean of the International Education Institute.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Tao Zeng first introduced the background and significance of this assessment and hoped that through this assessment, teachers can deepen their understanding and work together and cooperate with each other.

After that, the 13 teachers hired by the college made reports on their work and made detailed reports to the college on their work.

Dean Xu Lan concluded his speech. She first expressed her gratitude to all the faculty members for their hard work, especially during this year's epidemic.

With the strong cooperation of all teachers, the college successfully completed a large number of data statistics, student management, admission and training, and other links.

In addition, Dean Xu Lan also put forward two hopes for everyone: First, I hope everyone will have empathy in their work. Many teachers will have intersections in their work.

They should consider problems from the standpoint of each other and help each other to improve team cohesion. Second, I hope that everyone will strengthen their study and strive to improve their professional level and workability in their own posts. Demonstrate professionalism.


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