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Doctoral program

(1) Project Description

The China University of Political Science and Law International Law (including International Public Law, International Private Law, International Economic Law, International Environmental Law, hereinafter referred to as International Law) has a long history of teaching and research and has a team of high-level teachers with high morality, reasonable structure, and good quality Team. The discipline has always adhered to the research characteristics of multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research, theory and practice. After years of academic accumulation and team building, the overall strength of the discipline is strong. It is in the law of the sea, WTO law, maritime law, private international law, basic theories of international environmental law, and international In civil litigation and arbitration research, both are at the forefront of the country, and have the ability to conduct comprehensive academic exchanges and dialogues with foreign counterparts.


(2) Major course

Introduction to Chinese Law, Legal Writing and Searching, Topics on International Economic Law, Topics on Public International Law, Topics on Private International Law, International Aviation Law, International Environmental Law, International Network Governance, International Commercial Arbitration Law, etc.


(3) School system

Three years


(4) Cost

1. Application fee: 800 yuan

2. Tuition fee: 99,000 yuan for the whole course

3. Medical insurance for international students: 800 yuan/academic year


(5) Contact details

Fax: 010-58908384

Phone: 010-58908198


More information:





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