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Master's Admissions Guide

(1) Project Description

International law is a subject category formed by studying various laws involving adjustments between countries, including international public law, international private law, and international economic law, and is a secondary subject under law. Public International Law is a discipline that studies the legally binding rules, principles, and systems of countries in the process of mutual exchanges. Private International Law is a discipline that studies the conflict of laws and procedural rules in international civil communication. International economic law is the sum of the legal norms that adjust international economic activities and international economic relations. It includes branches such as international trade law (including WTO law), international investment law, international financial law, international tax law, and international competition law.


(2) Major course

Introduction to Chinese Law, Legal Writing and Searching, International Trade Law, International Investment Law, Public International Law, Private International Law, International Human Rights Law, International Aviation Law, International Environmental Law, International Network Governance, Chinese Civil Law, Chinese Criminal Law, International Commercial Arbitration Law, WTO and China, Intellectual Property Law, Maritime Law, Chinese Law and Society, Chinese Corporate Law, Chinese Securities Law, etc.


(3) School system

Two years


(4) Cost

1. Application fee: 800 yuan

2. Tuition fee: 87,000 yuan for the whole course

3. Medical insurance for international students: 800 yuan/academic year


(5) Contact details

Fax: 010-58908384

Phone: 010-58908198


More information:



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