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Hold young teachers' basic skills competition

On the afternoon of November 6, 2020, the School of International Education held the first young teacher basic skills competition (preliminary competition) in the B204 conference room of the Xueyuan Road campus.

The event is organized and arranged by the college's labor union and undertaken by the Chinese language professional teaching and research section.

During the event, the college invited Song Jingbo, deputy director of the school's academic affairs office and director of the admissions office, and Lu Yong, deputy director of the international cooperation and exchange office, to attend.

Dean Xu Lan, Deputy Dean Xu Dan, and relevant teachers of the Chinese Language Teaching and Research Section participated in the event. Xu Dan, deputy dean and chairman of the college labor union, presided over the preliminary competition.

After a month of meticulous preparation, young teachers Li Yan, Li Xiaodong, Zhu Yuanqin, and Liu Fang used "Chinese Experience", "Introduction to Chinese Culture", "Do You Know What It's Like-"The" Phrases" and "Chinese "History·Zhang Qian's mission to the Western Regions" was the title of "History."

Teacher Li Yan uses English to teach, from the introduction of the Chinese cultural landscape of the Forbidden City and the Great Wall to the initials, vowels, and tones of Mandarin Chinese.

The pictures are both clear, the teaching style is natural, and the interaction is active. In elementary Chinese learning, Chinese phonetics are conveyed.

The law of acquisition of the combination of meaning, through the language game of tongue twister, will bring you a lively language experience class.

Teacher Li Xiaodong introduced the thinking about Chinese culture through the Winter Olympics. In the free question and answer, the table shape is between the “tangible" and the "intangible" to guide Chinese learners to summarize the thinking differences between Chinese and Western cultures.

The three dimensions of creating the main body of culture illustrate the classification of Chinese culture, the teaching content is rich, the teaching language is humorous, and the course is ended in the unfinished baggage setting, bringing you an unfinished introduction to Chinese culture.

Teacher Zhu Yuanqian introduced the topic of taste with pictures of daily life and diet, shared different regional cultures on the remarkable map of China, shared taste stories in life through video embedding, highlighted situational teaching, and focused on language-based audio-visual training.

Complete the grammar learning of the "的" phrase through the layer-by-layer advancement of words, sentences, and articles. In the refreshing and delicate sharing, we will bring you a grammar experience class combining lectures and exercises.

Teacher Liu Fang shared with you the story of Zhang Qian’s mission to the Western Regions in a narrative way.

In the teaching design, from "going out" to "going abroad" and "going out as an envoy", from the map of the Han Dynasty to the "Silk Road".

Follow the good temptation, actively guide, unfold the storyline in the question and answer, while learning the language knowledge such as "light and frugal" and "advocating thrift", feel the cultural contribution of the "Belt and Road", and finally highlight the world in the open assignments The significance of the times of cultural exchanges between countries.






Afterward, the judges and teachers made wonderful comments. Mr. Song Chunxiang thanked the young teachers for their hard work, and combined the teaching methods of the Chinese language to summarize the different teaching styles of the young teachers, and encouraged everyone to highlight their individuality and show themselves.

Deputy Director Song Jingbo put forward pertinent suggestions for everyone from various aspects such as the selection of teachers' basic skills, audiences, content structure, teaching methods, teaching tools, and personal image.

Deputy Director Lu Yong summarized the teaching characteristics of young teachers from the perspective of students, fully affirmed the teaching level of young teachers, and hoped to refine the content, clarify the theme, and make a more exciting teaching display.

Finally, Dean Xu Lan made a summary. She fully affirmed the significance of this activity, combined with her own teaching experience, suggested to increase the sense of substitution in practical teaching.

Strengthen the awareness of cross-cultural comparison, and encourage young teachers to have a strong teaching field, be confident and domineering, and full of youthful vigor.

She said that the college will fully support teacher development and academic seminar activities, provide a platform for outside exchanges, and fully demonstrate the demeanor of the college teachers.

Through the holding of this event, young teachers fully demonstrated their own style, all teachers of the college exchanged teaching experience with each other, further enhanced the cohesion and centripetal force of the college teaching team, and strived to build a positive teaching and research community, and actively served The school’s central work and international Chinese education.


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