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International Students Advanced to outstanding apprentice



A few days ago, Mike and Xinyue Zhang, our school's  Nigerian international students, were invited by the African Representative Office of the Changchun Trade Promotion Association to participate in the “master and outstanding apprentice” of ErRenZhuan General Mobilization, a famous reality TV show which was hosted by the rural channel of Jilin Television Station, and advanced to the second round.


“ErRenZhuan” is a talking and singing art and a Northeastern folk culture. In the “master and outstanding apprentice”, ErRenZhuan General Mobilization's season show, after 4 masters select their own team members from participants, the participants who advance to the second round will compete under the guidance of the tutors. The final winners will be called “outstanding apprentice” and get a big cash reward of 50,000RMB.  




Mike and Xinyue Zhang with their good foundations of Chinese received 2 weeks of professional training and got the affirmation of the 4 tutors with “Pay a New Year Call”, the classical repertoire of“ErRenZhuan”.The 4 tutors one after another expressed a desire to instruct them, finally, Mike and Xinyue Zhang chose Shuping Yan and Xiaobo Zhao to instruct their second-round competition.


CUST has always attached great importance to international students' cross-cultural communication, organized and strongly supported international students to participate in various cultural exchanges and practice activities, showed the good features of the international students in our school and promoted the social reputation of the school.


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