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Two Ph.D. students were awarded Outstanding International Students


Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the results of the 2020 "Outstanding Chinese Government Students Studying in China". The Congo (Kinshasa) doctoral students Li Lu and Ethiopian doctoral students Mingtai recommended by our school were selected.


This honor was established by the Ministry of Education in 2015. It is selected by all Chinese government scholarship colleges and universities in the second grade (inclusive) and above. It aims to commend international students with outstanding scientific research capabilities and outstanding academic performance and to encourage all international students in China. Study hard and make progress.


The selection is recommended by universities and the Ministry of Education organizes experts to review the academic status, scientific research ability and performance of the referees, and finally determine the list of winners. It is reported that a total of nearly 1,000 outstanding students from more than 300 universities across the country participated in this selection. Two students from our school, Li Lu and Mingtai, stood out for their outstanding scientific research achievements and daily performance.


Li Lu is a 2018 Ph.D. student in the School of Electronic Information Engineering, and his instructor is Professor Guo Bin. Since enrolling, he has concentrated on studying and scientific research, and has published 2 SCI papers in international core journals such as Sensors Journal and IEEE Proceeding as the first author. Both his undergraduate and master's degrees are studying in our school. During his studies, every time he returned to his country, he took his feelings for China back to his hometown, helped some Chinese companies in Congo (DRC) communicate with the local government, and became an envoy of friendly exchanges between China and Congo (DRC).


Mingtai is a 2016 doctoral student in the School of Computer Science and Technology. The instructors are Professor Jiang Zhengang and Associate Professor Fang Ming. Since enrolling, he has published 2 SCI papers in international core journals such as "Symmetry-Basel" and "Sensors Journal" as the first author. There is currently one high-level paper to be published. During school, whenever there are reports from new international students, Mingtai is always eager to act as an interpreter between the teacher and the freshmen; when there are conflicts between his classmates, he always does everything. Efforts to coordinate the solution, deeply loved by teachers and students.


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