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Special Report: Answer Sheet



In 2020 AD, Shi Wei Gengzi. At this age, the new crown pneumonia epidemic broke all the original normal school running. Under the epidemic situation, the teachers and students of the school, with the unique tenacity of Changli people, worked together to fight the "epidemic" and ensure the orderly progress of various tasks and handed in a special answer sheet.


As the year sequence changes, looking back on this year, the warmth of the pictures still makes our hearts surging.



On the first day of the Lunar New Year, the school's official Weibo issued a "Looking for Hubei Changli People" activity, which received over 10,000 hits on that day. Alumni of Changli from Wuhan left a message saying, “I checked the school's Weibo on the first day of the new year, and I could feel the warmth of my alma mater across the screen.


Changchun University of Technology weibo


In the wind and snow, logistics staff guard the campus


The school held several anti-epidemic work deployment meetings


Under the epidemic, Chang Lizi volunteered in the community


Teachers use poetry, paintings, short videos and other artistic forms to speak out for the fight against the "epidemic"



Online teaching is started during school calibration. The colleges are carefully organized, teachers are earnestly teaching, students learn online, teaching interaction is good, and the overall operation of online teaching in the school is in order.


online class


Teachers fight for statistics and employment data


"Ideological and political class war'epidemic' small classroom" special micro-class


June graduation season

The campus, which was originally rippling with songs, was empty and deserted. The school organizes a large number of party members and cadres to sink to the front line to serve graduates leaving the school. All colleges go to the student dormitory to send and send baggage for graduates, serve students with practical actions, and let graduates feel the love of their alma mater when leaving school.


Packing luggage


Jiang Huilin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the academic committee of the school, gave graduates the last party class



The 2020 graduation ceremony and degree-granting ceremony of Changchun University of Science and Technology was held in the Eastern District University Student Cultural Activity Center. Only more than 200 graduates attended the event, and more graduates were watching through the Internet from all over the country. On the live broadcast platform, "Red Hearts" kept on and praised, and graduates from all over the country used "silent" actions to express their love for their alma mater.




Teachers and students of Changli finally ended their eight-month "party network" torment and officially resumed classroom teaching. Before 7:30 in the morning, the classmates had poured into the classroom from all directions, occupying seats, chatting, and enjoying the joy of reunion after a long absence. Zhang Xuechun, a student at the School of Foreign Languages, said: “When I stepped into the classroom, I saw the smiling teacher and the classmates who got along again day and night. Seeing the familiar desks and chairs, I suddenly felt a down-to-earth feeling. This kind of face-to-face communication and communication. The interaction is really long-lost, and here is the real youth classroom."


attending class


welcome back to school


Back to school graduate students are doing experiments


Everything in the past is a prologue. In 2020, the anti-epidemic log of the entire school's teachers and students will make a strong mark in the school's history. The teachers and students of Changli who have experienced the test of the epidemic and the time has been washed away will surely take a more vigorous attitude and a more solid and determined step towards a new journey of characteristic and high-level university construction.


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