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Vice President visited international students in the Spring Festival

On February 10th, when the Chinese New Year Festival is approaching, Fu Yuegang, the vice president, accompanied by the director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office, the dean of the School of International Education Sheng Haitao, and related staff to the international student dormitory to visit foreign teachers and International students, send them New Year blessings and New Year gift packages.


Vice President visited international students


Fu Yuegang asked about the study and living conditions of the international students during the holiday and thanked them for their full understanding and active cooperation in the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in the past year. I hope everyone will have a warm Chinese New Year at school. At the same time, I wish them at home and abroad All of the international students, classmates and their families have a happy Chinese New Year and everything goes well.


group photo


The current global epidemic situation is still severe. Most international students in our school have not been able to return to school. The international students who stayed at the school have overcome the difficulties with the school in the past year and actively cooperated with various epidemic prevention and control measures. During the winter vacation of 2021, international students continued to respond to the school's prevention and control requirements to reduce mobility. 62 international students (53 of them at school) celebrated the Spring Festival in Changchun.


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