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Donghua University is directly affiliated with the Ministry of Education, the national "211 Project", and the national "Double First-Class" construction university. Adhering to the school motto of "Being erudite, erudite, hardworking and pragmatic", the school has continued to forge ahead and has developed into a multidisciplinary, high-level university with distinctive characteristics and advantages in textiles, materials, clothing, and design.


The school's history can be traced back to the Textile Dyeing Institute founded by industrialist Zhang Jian in 1912. Founded in 1951, it was named East China Textile Engineering College. In 1960, it was designated as a national key university by the Ministry of Education. In 1981, it became one of the first universities in China with the right to grant doctorate, master, and bachelor degrees. In 1985, it was renamed China Textile University. In 1998, it entered the ranks of the national "211 Project" key construction universities. In 1999, it was renamed Donghua University. In 2017, it was selected as a national "double first-class" construction university.


The school is located in Shanghai, China, with the existing Songjiang campus, Yan'an Road campus, and Xinhua Road campus, covering an area of nearly 2,000 acres, with a total school building area of more than 830,000 square meters. The school is "Shanghai Garden Unit" and "Shanghai Civilized Campus". Songjiang campus is a national water conservancy scenic spot.


The school has 2,320 faculty members and 1,416 full-time teachers, including 2 full-time academicians, 14 part-time academicians, more than 50 high-level talents such as the Ten Thousand Talents Program, Changjiang Scholars, National Outstanding Youth, and more than 900 teachers with other senior professional titles. There are 14244 undergraduates, 7892 postgraduates, 1265 doctoral students, and 705 international students.


The school currently has 17 colleges (departments), 6 post-doctoral mobile stations, 10 first-level discipline doctoral programs, 2 doctoral professional degree authorization categories, 29 first-level discipline master programs, 17 professional degree master authorization categories, 56 undergraduate majors, covering nine disciplines including engineering, science, management, economics, art, literature, law, history, and education. Textile Science and Engineering has been awarded A+ subject 3 consecutive times. Five disciplines including chemistry, engineering, materials science, computer science, and environmental ecology are among the top 1% of ESI in the world. There are 1 first-level national key discipline, 5 second-level national key disciplines, 1 national key (cultivation) discipline, 7 Shanghai first-class disciplines, and 1 Shanghai, high school class, I peak discipline. It has 1 national key laboratory, 1 national engineering technology research center, 20 provincial and ministerial scientific research platforms, 2 national "111" talent introduction bases, and national university science and technology parks.


The school takes as the fundamental task of cultivating socialist builders and successors with comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical education, art, and labor, adheres to the excellent school spirit of "rigorous, diligent, realistic, and innovative", and cultivates students with a solid foundation, strong practical ability, innovative spirit and a sense of social responsibility. High-quality talent. The school actively builds a "five education simultaneously" education system, builds a training system for undergraduates with "layered teaching, split training, multiple talents, and everyone's talents", and continues to deepen the reform of education and teaching. Since the new century, it has been selected as a national teaching achievement award of 11 items. It has 3 national-level experimental teaching demonstration centers, 1 national-level virtual simulation experimental teaching center, 3 national engineering practice education centers, 10 national-level characteristic majors, and 11 national-level first-class undergraduate majors. Actively construct a first-class postgraduate training mechanism, vigorously develop professional degree postgraduate education, and have been rated as 2 national demonstration engineering professional degree postgraduate joint training bases, the first batch to enter the "Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program" of the Ministry of Education, and was awarded the "National Engineering Master Education Program" Innovative institutions". Donghua students have won more than 300 awards in major competitions at home and abroad in disciplines, culture, and sports every year, fully demonstrating the creativity of students. Women's football won the national championship, and the school entered the top 20 on the "China University Sports Competition List". The school comprehensively promotes innovation and entrepreneurship education and has been awarded honors such as the National University Practice Education Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base, the National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Typical Experience University, and the National Advanced Collective of Graduate Employment Work of Higher Education Institutions. The employment rate of graduates exceeds 96%, the salary is ranked 16-21 in China's college graduate salary index, and the number of students who start their own businesses exceeds 420. Since its establishment, the school has trained more than 260,000 talents of various types for the country, and graduates have become the backbone and pillars of all walks of life.


The school adheres to the school-running characteristics of combining production, teaching, research, and application undertakes major national scientific research tasks and serves the strategic needs of the country's industrial transformation and upgrading and the development of emerging industries. Since the new century, it has won 29 National Natural Science Awards, National Invention Awards, and National Science and Technology Progress Awards. A large number of scientific research results are widely used in aerospace, national defense and military, major construction projects, environmental protection, and other fields, making contributions to "Tiangong", "Tianzhou", "Beidou", "Tiantong" and "Change". The State Key Laboratory of Fiber Material Modification was rated as "Excellent", and the National Advanced Functional Fiber Innovation Center and the National Advanced Printing and Dyeing Technology Innovation Center were approved to be established. The school continues to promote the integration of production and education, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and serve the construction of Shanghai's design capital and the country's economic and social development.


The school vigorously promotes the opening up of education in the new era. The school actively connects with the important national "One Belt One Road" initiative and unites 33 textile universities in 18 countries to establish the "One Belt One Road" World Textile University Alliance. The school has established good cooperative relations with more than 100 well-known universities, research institutions, and enterprises around the world. Approved by the Ministry of Education "China-Africa University 20+20 Cooperation Program", established the world's first Moi University Confucius Institute with textile and clothing characteristics at Moi University in Kenya. In cooperation with the University of Edinburgh, the Shanghai International School of Fashion Innovation of Donghua University was established to cultivate world-class fashion creative talents.


Facing the future, Donghua University will continue to be guided by Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics, fully implement the fundamental task of Lide's cultivation of people, accelerate the construction of "double first-class", and spare no effort to serve the strategic needs of the country and Shanghai. The goal of an internationally influential and distinctive high-level university" is to strive unremittingly!


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