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Chinese Program


1. Study time

September 6, 2021-January 7, 2022

(18 weeks)

Every Monday to Friday, a total of 320 class hours


2. Class opening plan

1) Offline get off work

Class time:

Beijing time 9:00-12:15


2) Online class


3 hours a day (2 hours for live online, 1 hour for offline recording and broadcasting of materials).

The specific class time will be notified before the start of the class based on student registration and teaching arrangements.


3. Set up levels

Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced (The minimum number of students in each class is 8).

The school will post online test information via email before the start of school. The result of the placement will depend on the final test result. In the first week of school, you can apply for a level change within the specified time according to the change of class regulations.


4. Use of teaching materials

Both online and offline use pieces of ice self-compiled textbooks based on the "Chinese for Life" series. At the same time, ICES also provides a wealth of learning materials for Chinese classes, including keywords and language-on-demand videos, dialogue videos, audio, and a summary of each lesson.

Classroom learning materials, homework, etc. will be uploaded to the online learning platform, and students in offline and online classes can log on to the platform anytime and anywhere as needed to learn, review and consolidate on their own.


5. Cost

Registration fee: 400 yuan

Tuition fee: 10200 yuan

(Tuition fee includes textbook fee)


6. Other matters

1) About visa

Offline get off work: The school can provide relevant documents for applying for a study visa or residence permit (study).

Online class: The school does not provide relevant documents for applying for a study visa or residence permit (study).


2) About the dormitory

Offline get off work: Students can apply for on-campus accommodation, and the school will make arrangements according to the situation. Students who successfully apply must check-in within the designated period of the school.

Online class: The school will not provide relevant services or documentary evidence for applying for on-campus accommodation.


3) About refund

Registration fee: Once paid, it will not be refunded.

Tuition: Apply for withdrawal before the start of the course, and you will get a full refund of the tuition paid. If you go through the withdrawal procedures within the first week of school, you will get a 50% refund of the tuition paid; from the second week onwards, there will be no tuition refund.


4) Please note

Off-line students must meet the epidemic prevention and control requirements of Shanghai and the school before they can come to the school to report.

Application and admission


7. Online application

Please submit an online application on the application website Upload a scanned copy of your passport and an electronic ID photo. Off-line applicants must upload a scanned copy of their visas at the same time.


8. Application deadline

Offline get off work: July 6, 2021

Online class: August 18, 2021

* New students who are recommended by the senior students fill in the full name of the senior students correctly when applying online to enjoy a full reduction of the registration fee.

* Renewal students can enjoy the application fee reduction and tuition discount. Related matters will be notified separately.


9. Admission

The school will conduct an admission review of applicants. Those who pass the reviewer will receive a notification email from the school, informing them about the online test and the opening of the journal.

Please be sure to complete the online test and submit the application documents for admission within the specified time (limited to off-line get-off work).


10. Contact us

School of International Cultural Exchange, Donghua University

International Student Admissions Office

Phone: +86-21-62378595 / 62379336

Email address:


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