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Dickinson Summer Bridge Project


For Chinese students studying in the United States, the biggest challenge they encounter when studying in the United States is writing essays, as well as in-depth communication and exchanges with teachers, classmates, and locals. Because they are not familiar with the situation in American universities, many students fail to make good use of the resources and support provided by the school to make their study and life in the United States more effective. In response to these common problems, the School of International Cultural Exchange of Donghua University, together with Dickinson College and the CET China Project under the well-known American educational institution ATA, jointly launched the "Dickinson Summer Bridge Project" to help the upcoming or planned trip to the United States. The Yin Yin students maximize the value of studying in the United States.


Why choose "Dickinson Summer Bridge Project"

  • The all-English teaching environment and American-style project design allow you to experience American-style education without going abroad.

  • University credit courses that can be recognized by other universities for credits make you stand out among many university applicants.

  • The all-English teaching environment and specially designed courses help you master the essentials of authentic American oral and written communication ideas. In the future, you can take the initiative in your study and life in the United States with more confidence, and communicate in-depth with the surrounding teachers, classmates, and American friends in a more effective way.

  • Understand the requirements of top American universities and the available resources and support, prepare in advance to deal with the problems that you may face in future studies in the United States, maximize the value of studying abroad, and accelerate the realization of your life goals.

  • Get the opportunity to communicate with the admissions teachers of many top American universities and master the know-how of your favorite university.

Explore the American campus culture, experience the campus life of 211 universities in China, and gain the experience of independent living, so that you no longer worry about how to quickly integrate into American university life.



Course 1. Academic Writing (WRPG100 -Academic Writing) 35 hours, 1 credit distance + classroom tutoring

This course is a compulsory general course offered by Dickinson College for international students. Its deputy director of writing project, Professor John Katunich, serves as the main teacher, and professional teachers based in Shanghai provide offline course guidance. It is designed to help students from non-English speaking countries strengthen their advanced English skills and lay a solid foundation for students to complete their studies in the future. Mainly teach students the basic requirements of academic writing in world-class universities. The course uses topic-oriented learning methods and interactive teaching methods. Focusing on a certain topic, the teacher instructs students to learn how to critically read and analyze articles, find strong evidence supporting a certain point of view, integrate these arguments, choose appropriate expressions and refine sentences, and finally complete a high-quality article Academic papers. Through continuous practice and professional guidance, students finally master professional English writing skills that can benefit a lifetime.


Course 2: Preparatory Courses for University: How to Get Academic Success in American Universities (GNED100 -Strategies for Academic Success)

Classroom teaching + extracurricular time activities

This course will help students understand and master the knowledge and skills needed for studying and living in the United States through the content of three modules, to help students understand American university life in advance in terms of academic, social, and self-management. In addition to classroom teaching, the curriculum also integrates practical activities into teaching, allowing students to get out of the classroom and experience diversified teaching methods.

Module 1: American classroom culture and academic requirements

Module 2: Social awareness in the campus community environment

Module 3: How to understand and seek the resources and support you can get


Others: Guidance for university entrance in the United States

The bridge program will combine the courses offered to provide students with guidance for college advancement in the United States in various forms, including how to find the most suitable college for them.

How to make yourself a more competitive applicant and get the attention of admissions officials of American universities among many applicants.

  • Participate in online school and admissions information presentations lectured by admissions officers of many top American universities

  • Learn how to write an excellent personal statement essay to improve the application success rate

  • Communicate with people in Shanghai who graduated from American universities and get more first-hand information about studying in American universities

  • Master the entire process of US student visa application.


About the project

Project Time

2021 7.1-7.31

Project's venue

School of International Cultural Exchange, Yan'an Road Campus, Donghua University

Located in a prosperous area in the center of Changning District, Shanghai, with convenient living and transportation.

Language of instruction

English language


Donghua University International Student Dormitory ( detailed information )

Registration requirements

At least 16 years old, high school graduate or high school student

Minimum English requirement

  • TOEFL: 80; IELTS: 6.5; Duolingo: 105; CEFR: B2
  • Other equivalent English proficiency (corresponding proof is required)
  • Studying in an international school or overseas for more than one year, the English score can be exempted after the transcript is provided and approved

Registration deadline

May 10, 2021


Teacher Ge 021-62373452 #16 Email:

Teacher Shao 021-62708868 Email:


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