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1. What kind of university is Donghua University?

Donghua University is directly affiliated with the Ministry of Education, the national "211 Project", and the national "Double First-Class" construction university. It has now developed into a multidisciplinary, high-level university with distinctive characteristics and advantages in textiles, materials, clothing, and design.


2. When was Donghua University established?

The school's history can be traced back to the Textile Dyeing Institute founded by industrialist Zhang Jian in 1912. Founded in 1951, it was named East China Textile Engineering College. In 1960, it was designated as a national key university by the Ministry of Education. In 1981, it became one of the first universities in China with the right to grant doctorate, master, and bachelor degrees. In 1985, it was renamed China Textile University. In 1998, it entered the ranks of the national "211 Project" key construction universities. In 1999, it was renamed Donghua University.


3. Where is Donghua University?

The school is located in Shanghai, China, with the existing Songjiang campus, Yan'an Road campus and Xinhua Road campus, covering an area of ​​nearly 2,000 acres (approximately 1,333,320 square meters), with a total building area of ​​more than 830,000 square meters. The school is "Shanghai Garden Unit" and "Shanghai Civilized Campus".


4. How many teachers are there at Donghua University?

The school has 2,320 faculty members and 1,416 full-time teachers, including 2 full-time academicians, 14 part-time academicians, more than 50 high-level talents such as Ten Thousand Talents Program, Changjiang Scholars, National Outstanding Youth, and more than 900 teachers with other senior professional titles.


5. How many students are there at Donghua University?

There are 14244 undergraduates, 7892 postgraduates, 1265 doctoral students, and 705 international students.


6. Do I have to buy insurance when I study at Donghua University?

In order to allow international students to obtain relevant protection during their studies in China, according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education of China, international students should purchase insurance that covers the period of study during their studies in China.

Professional students, advanced professional students and exchange students: they must purchase the "comprehensive insurance protection plan of Ping an Endowment Insurance Co., Ltd. for the person coming to China" designated by the school on the day of registration, with the premium of 400 yuan/semester.

Language students: if students have international insurance for medical or accidental accidents in China, they must provide a copy of the insurance policy or insurance card on the day of registration; If not, you can choose to purchase the "comprehensive insurance plan of Ping'an Endowment Insurance Co., Ltd. for people coming to China" on the day of school registration, with an insurance premium of 400 yuan/semester.


7. How many international student apartments does Donghua University have?

The school has 3 dormitories for international students, providing more than 1,000 beds.


8. What facilities are there in the international student dormitory of Donghua University?

The rooms are equipped with a bathroom, furniture, air-conditioning, telephone, refrigerator, TV, network connection, etc. The common rooms on the floor are equipped with automatic washing machines, microwave ovens, hot and cold water supply machines, induction cookers, etc. There is also a lounge in the apartment area. , Professional laundry room, study room and activity room, etc.


9. How much is Donghua University's dormitory for international students?

Single room: RMB 95/day

Double Room: RMB 50/day/person

Multi-person room (3-4 people): RMB 35 yuan/day/person


10. If I am admitted to Donghua University, can I reserve a room in advance?

Only full-time international students from the School of International Cultural Exchange can be accommodated in the international student dormitory. New students can book rooms online after they are admitted, and old students must book online within the time specified by the college. The rooms in the international student apartments can only be allocated by the college, and cannot be exchanged or sublet privately.


11. How to check in the Donghua University International Student Dormitory?

Freshmen who have successfully booked an international student dormitory shall bring their original passport to the Student Affairs Department to complete the check-in procedure in the international student dormitory from the specified check-in date. Upon check-in, students are required to pay for one semester in one lump sum.


12. Is there a fee for Donghua University's international student dormitory network?

The room rate does not include internet access. International students need to open China Telecom's broadband service by themselves. When applying for the first time, they need to bring their valid passport to the lobby of the International Cultural Exchange Institute for broadband service. The monthly fee for unlimited Internet access is 50 yuan/month. Starting from the second month, students can go directly to purchase a rechargeable card, and the Tianyi username must be provided when recharging. If you still cannot access the Internet normally after the recharge is successful, please report to the front desk of the International Student Apartment Building for repairs.


13. If I am admitted to Donghua University, but report late, can I refund the corresponding accommodation fee?

The accommodation fee will not be refunded unless the school agrees to suspend the school. The difference in accommodation fees will not be refunded for late registration or returning home early.


14. I was admitted to Donghua University, can I live off-campus?

Yes, international students must sign a valid house lease contract through a regular real estate agency when renting a house, and read the contents of the contract one by one to avoid disputes.

After renting a room, international students must bring their passports, lease contract, and the "Registration Form for Off-campus Accommodation for Foreign Students" issued by the college, and apply for the "Registration Form for Temporary Residence for Foreigners" at the police station where they live.


15. Does Donghua University have a shuttle bus?

In order to facilitate students living off-campus, the college provides shuttle buses in areas where foreigners live in Longbai, Gubei, Fengdu International, Qibao Vanke, etc. There are multiple routes to choose from, and the shuttle fee is 300-500 yuan per semester.


16. If I rent a house outside Donghua University, what should I do if my address changes?

If you change your address, you must log in to the system ( to update in time, and update the temporary accommodation registration form at the local police station within 24 hours.


17. How much does it cost to rent a house around Donghua University?

Reference rent price for housing surrounding Donghua University:

Room Type

Rent (RMB/month)

Area(square meters)

One bedroom, one living room and one bathroom



Two bedrooms, one living room and one bathroom



Three bedrooms, one living room and one bathroom




18. Is there any preferential information for renting a house outside Donghua University?

The School of International Cultural Exchange has reached a cooperation agreement with the following three off-campus housing rental service companies to provide off-campus housing rental services for our school's international students and give corresponding preferential treatment.

If you need to rent a house, please contact the following companies directly:

Company Name


URL and email

Discount information





Rent from 1 month

Ningjin Real Estate



An intermediary fee is monthly rent20%

Yishi International

Student community


Free agency fee


19. What bank is near Donghua University?

(1) Bank of China (West Yan'an Road): No. 1988, West Yan'an Road (Hongqiao Hotel)

(2) Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (West Zhongshan Road): No. 999, West Zhongshan Road

(3) Citibank (Zhongshan Park): First floor of Longemont Shopping Center


20. What convenience stores are there near Donghua University?

Near the gate of Yan'an West Road: Kede, Lianhua Express

Near the side entrance of Anshun Road: Lianhua Express, Xizhiduo, Liangyou, Family Mart


21. What restaurants are there near Donghua University?

There are various restaurants in Shanghai, and you can enjoy various cuisines at home and abroad. There are many restaurants offering cuisines from all over the area around the Yan'an Road campus.

1) Zhongshan Park Commercial District: On the 4th to 8th floors of Longemont Shopping Center, there are Western, Japanese, Korean, Southeast Asian, Sichuan, Hunan, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangdong and other special cuisines from all over the world.

2) Tianshan Road Commercial District: Near the Loushanguan Road Station of Metro Line 2, there are various cuisines and fast foods at different prices around, such as hot pot, Sichuan cuisine, local cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Starbucks, McDonald's, KFC, Papa John's, Pizza Hut etc.

3) Dingxi Road Food Street: It is located on the east side of Yan'an Road campus for about 15 minutes on foot. There are many special restaurants with different flavors on both sides of the road.


22. What movie theaters are near Donghua University?

Huijin Department Store Cinema, Shanghai Cinema, Dragon Dream Cinema


23. Is there any gym near Donghua University?

1) Welsh Fitness Center (Zhongshan Park Store): There are chain stores in various districts of Shanghai, providing various fitness equipment, swimming pools, and yoga courses.

Address: 88 Huichuan Road

Tel: 021-52739533

2) One trillion Wade Fitness Club (Hongqiao branch): There are many fitness equipments and a small swimming pool. In addition, various fitness classes are also provided. There are many chain stores in Shanghai, and membership cards can be used in all branches.

Address: 3rd Floor, Hongqiao Hotel, 2000 Yan'an West Road

Tel: 021-62708222 / 62707008

3) Shanghai International Gymnastics Center Swimming Pool: The indoor swimming pool is relatively large and clean, open all year round, and crowded in summer. The price is slightly higher, and it is recommended that people who exercise regularly use membership cards.

Address: 777 Wuyi Road (near Zhongshan West Road)

Tel: 021-51083186 / 51083183

Opening hours: 6:30-21:30


24. What supermarket is there near Donghua University?

Supermarkets do not provide free plastic bags. Generally, the price of a plastic bag is 0.2-0.5 yuan. Please bring your own reusable shopping bags.

1) Carrefour (Gubei Store)

Address: 268 Shuicheng South Road (near Yan'an West Road), Metro Line 10 Shuicheng Road Station

Business hours: 7:30-22:30

2) Carrefour (Dragon Dream Store)

Address: No. 1018, Changning Road, the second floor of Longemont Shopping Center, Metro Line 2/3/4 Zhongshan Park Station

Business hours: 7:30-22:00


25. What should I do if I lose my passport while studying at Donghua University?

Students should keep a copy of their passport, visa, or residence permit as proof of identity in case of loss, replacement and extension of validity. If your passport is lost or damaged, you need to apply for a new passport from your embassy or consulate in China after getting the passport loss report certificate from the exit-entry administration.

After obtaining a new passport due to loss or replacement, the student should go to the local police station with the new and old passport to re-apply for the registration form of temporary accommodation for overseas personnel within 10 days, and then go to the Student Affairs Department of the school of international cultural exchange of our university to obtain relevant certificates and re-apply for x2 visa or residence permit (Study).


26. My family wants to come to Donghua University to visit me, what visa should they apply for?

Family members of foreign students (spouses, children under 18 years old, parents, parents of spouses) can apply for an S1 or S2 visas to come to China. The materials required for application should be consulted by the Chinese embassy or consulate in the host country.

Students' family members enter China with S1 visas, and our school can help them to apply for a residence permit (family member), which is valid for no more than the period of validity of the student's visa or residence permit. Students' family members can enter China with S2 visa and stay within the validity period, which is not more than 180 days. The change or extension of residence permit (family member) and S2 visa shall be handled by the entry-exit administration in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

To apply for residence permit (family member), you need to provide the international student's own passport, family member's own passport, valid family relationship certificate, a copy of the family member's temporary residence registration form for overseas personnel, a photo, health certificate (not required for children under 18 years old) and other materials required by the exit-entry administration.


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