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Donghua University "Millennium Yi Embroidery·Tradition Meets Fashion" Series Exhibition Held

Release time: 2021-04-22

The "Millennium Yi Embroidery · Tradition Meets Fashion" series of works exhibition will be on display at the University Student Activity Center of Songjiang Campus from April 20th to 22nd. During the exhibition, the heads of relevant departments of the school, the School of Textiles, the Key Laboratory of Textile and Fabric Technology of the Ministry of Education, and related teachers came to the site to watch the exhibition with the students. The event attracted more than 500 teachers and students, and more than 100 were still very interested. Participated in the manual experience.


Yi embroidery in Chuxiong, Yunnan, condenses the splendid culture with a thousand years of history, beautiful mountains and rivers, outstanding people, rich ethnic customs and human resources at your fingertips; Folk customs, myths and legends, diet and daily life, and natural ecology have changed into Yi embroidery art that wanders around the mouth of their clothes leaders and skirts around their waists; Yi embroidery and costumes are accompanied by inheritance and become unique cultural symbols and memories of the Yi family.

Supported by the Key Laboratory of Textile Technology of the Ministry of Education, the "Millennium Yi Embroidery·Tradition Meets Fashion" series of works exhibition produced by the ITD Textile Design Innovation Team of the School of Textiles of our school, the theme design will start in mid-March 2020, with 1 Over several months, four Yi embroidery element themes were formed, and the core details, patterns, and textile application scenarios of the theme series were perfected. A total of 15 designers participated in pattern creation and product production. It took 4 months to complete more than 20 modern Yi embroidery textile products under 4 major themes, including clothing, accessories, and cultural creation.

This exhibition chooses the Yunnan Chuxiong Yi embroidery with a thousand-year culture as the core. Based on fully embodying the Yi culture, it combines fashion elements to design textile products; through the collision of tradition and fashion, the dialogue between the past and the future will bring Chuxiong Yi embroidery, this The "fingertip art" that the Yi family are proud of carries out inheritance attempts and modern expressions, showing the new vitality of intangible cultural heritage.


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