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Our school's fifteenth youth backbone training class opens

Release time: 2021-04-26

On April 16, the fifteenth training course for young backbones of our school opened. Party Secretary Liu Chenggong attended and delivered a speech. Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Cui Yunhua introduced the overall plan of the training course. All students of the fifteenth training course for young backbones and relevant personnel of the school party school Participate. The opening ceremony was presided over by Lin Rong, Minister of the Organization Department of the Party Committee and Executive Vice President of the Party School.


Liu Chenggong pointed out in his speech that the school held the 15th Youth Key Training Course as an important measure for the school to start with the "14th Five-Year Plan", build a strong cadre team, and plan for high-quality development. Liu Chenggong combined with the study and comprehension of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s series of important speeches and pointed out that it is necessary to have a deep understanding of the current situation and tasks of the development of the school’s career, coordinate the current complex international and domestic environment, grasp the main contradictions, maintain strategic determination, firm development confidence, and analyze correctly. In "Time and Situation", the understanding of the "big nation" is transformed into the ability to solve problems, and cadres and backbones at all levels are further motivated to promote higher-quality innovation and development of the school. This is in strengthening the national strategic scientific and technological strength and serving the national innovation system. Show Donghua's actions in the layout.

Liu Chenggong further pointed out that the backbone of young cadres must develop excellent qualities and abilities, continuously improve party spirit, ideological awareness, and moral standards, and comprehensively improve political capabilities, investigation and research capabilities, scientific decision-making capabilities, reform capabilities, emergency response capabilities, and the masses. Ability to work and implement ability. Liu Chenggong emphasized that the backbone of young cadres should be pioneers in "comparing and surpassing learning," and "comparing" should raise the benchmark for comprehensive comparison, comparing work goals, quality standards, and a state of endeavor; "learning" requires innovative thinking methods. In-depth study, learn new horizons, learn big patterns, and learn true skills; "catch up" must solve the problem of speeding up the dynamic mechanism, and achieve speed, efficiency, and perseverance to achieve speedy and enterprising; "super" must dare to be the first To be active and super, we must be full of passion, creativity, courage to take on the role, and to be a pioneer based on the position.

Finally, Liu Chenggong emphasized that forging ahead on the new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way, focusing on the new stage of high-quality development of the school, we must firmly benchmark the value orientation of first-class, pursue excellence, strategic guidance, innovation and winning work direction, fair and upright, dare to take the style of work Orientation, to inspire the school’s cadres, backbones, and the majority of teachers and students to strive for excellence and forge ahead, celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party and welcome the 70th anniversary of the founding of the school with the vigor of "compared with learning" and outstanding and solid work results.

Cui Yunhua introduced the overall situation of the training class in terms of background significance, ideas and measures, content format, and training requirements. This training course is a continuation and deepening of the school’s original various types of backbone education and training for young cadres. A total of 39 young cadres and backbones from the school’s teaching, scientific research, and management positions participated in the training; based on "serving the overall development of the school, serving the youth Cadres and backbone growth", the training course adheres to "the combination of short-term training and long-term education and training, practice training, ideals, beliefs and purpose education and the improvement of professional quality, ability training and demonstration of the promotion of school development", the use of "text-style" training It integrates multiple resources, multi-directional platforms, and multi-channel carriers to provide a platform for the training and growth of various young cadres and backbones. Through the strengthening of ideological training, political experience, professional training, and practical training build a team and fully realize the "domestic first-class, An internationally influential, distinctive and high-level university" A backbone team of young cadres with good political quality, strong professional abilities, full of vitality, courage to take responsibility, and good at overcoming difficulties, in line with the goals of the struggle, to create new ideas for the school’s "14th Five-Year Plan" Add development momentum to the bureau and seek new chapters.

Shen Jie, the leader of the 15th Youth Cadre Class and Secretary of the Youth League Committee, as a representative of the students, delivered a keynote speech from four aspects: "strengthening theoretical study, broadening the horizon, strengthening the comparison and surpassing learning, and improving the overall quality". After the meeting, the trainees had group exchanges, and they all expressed that they would actively rely on the resources and platform of the training class, study diligently, think well, overcome difficulties, base themselves on a new starting point for a century, raise the spirit of forging ahead in a new era and new journey, exercise their abilities, demonstrate their deeds, and do The builder and vanguard of "Endeavour Donghua".

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