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Our school undertakes the Asia Advanced Materials Summit Forum Biomedical Fiber and Composite Materials Sub-forum

Release time: 2021-03-12

March 8-10, guided by the Chinese Association for Science and Technology, hosted by the Advanced Materials Consortium of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology, and jointly organized by the Chinese Textile Engineering Society, the Chinese Society for Materials Research, the Chinese Society of Micron and Nanotechnology, the Chinese Society of Silicates, and the Chinese Society of Nonferrous Metals The hosted "First Asia Advanced Materials Summit Forum" (referred to as Asia Materials Summit 2021) was held in Shanghai. More than 200 materials scientists and graduate students attended this summit. The summit invited 72 well-known materials scientists at home and abroad from 19 countries to give reports. The meeting is conducted in a combination of offline, recording and broadcasting, and live broadcasting.


The opening ceremony was hosted by the academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Professor Zhu Meifang of our school. Professor Han Yafang, former chairman of the International Union of Materials Research Associations and summit chairman, Fu Guangwei, vice chairman of the Advanced Materials Society of China Association for Science and Technology, chairman of the Federation of Asian Textile Societies, and chairman of the China Textile Engineering Society, delivered speeches at the opening ceremony.

The “Biomedical Fibers and Composite Materials” sub-forum of this summit was hosted by the China Textile Engineering Society and organized by the School of Textiles and the Key Laboratory of Textile Fabric Technology of the Ministry of Education. Our school Wang Lu, Wang Fujun, and Guan Guoping served as the chairpersons of this forum. The conference invited Professor Robert Guidoin from Laval University in Canada, Professor Todd Hall from McMaster University, Professor Frederick Heim from the University of Upper Alsace in France, and Professor Tang Jianxiong from East China Hospital of Fudan University in my country, Professor Huang Nan from Southwest Jiaotong University, Professor Zhu Chuhong from Army Military Medical University, Professor Lu Shenzhou from Soochow University, Professor Wang Lu from Donghua University, gave academic reports on the theme of "Biomedical Fibers and Composite Materials". The high-level wonderful report attracted many experts, scholars, students, and business representatives to listen to it. They had in-depth exchanges and prospects on the future technological innovation and development trends of biomedical fiber materials and products.


It is reported that this Asia Materials Summit is a brand-building project of the Chinese Association of Science and Technology Associations, to implement the Chinese Association for Science and Technology "Science and Innovation China" construction spirit, promote international exchanges and cooperation, grasp the technological development in the field of advanced materials, and increase materials science The direction of integration with industry is to strengthen exchanges between material scientists, entrepreneurs, and managers in Asia. The successful holding of the "Biomedical Fibers and Composite Materials" sub-forum has enhanced the academic influence of our school in the field of textile biomedical fiber materials and promoted the interactive exchanges of the academic circles in this field, the in-depth cooperation between schools and enterprises, and reserve talents. Cultivation has played a positive role.

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