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Beijing Electronic Technology Vocational College is a public independent higher vocational college organized by the Beijing Municipal People's Government. The school's history can be traced back to 1958. It used to be called Beijing Vocational and Technical College of Light Industry in 1999. In 2004, it merged with Beijing Posts and Telecommunications Industry School to become its current name. In 2007, Beijing Instrument and Meter Industry School, Beijing Second Light Industry School, Beijing Machinery Industry School, and Beijing Automobile Industry School were merged into Beijing Electronic Technology Vocational College.

In recent years, the school has conscientiously implemented the spirit of the National Education Conference, the "20 Vocational Education" spirit, etc., and firmly grasped the construction of the national high vocational demonstration school, the construction of the national high vocational education comprehensive reform pilot zone, and the Ministry of Education's three-year action plan for higher vocational education. , The Ministry of Education and Beijing’s major opportunities for high-level vocational colleges with Chinese characteristics and professional construction, and the career development continues to reach a new level.

In 2007, the school entered the ranks of "National Demonstrative Higher Vocational Colleges"; in 2010, it became one of the 20 "National Higher Vocational Comprehensive Reform Pilot Zones" construction units of the Ministry of Education; in 2015, it took the lead in launching Beijing's high-end technical and technical talents through training The reform experiment has become the first batch of modern apprenticeship pilot colleges in the country; in 2017, according to the rankings of national higher vocational schools such as Wuhan University and Guangzhou Daily, our school ranked second or third in the country; in 2018, it was selected as the Beijing Municipal Characteristic High School Level Vocational College Construction Plan; In 2019, it was selected as a high-level school construction unit of the National "Double High Plan" (one of the ten colleges in Grade A); in 2018 and 2019, it was continuously rated as a national vocational college internship by the Ministry of Education Top 50 Management, Top 50 Teaching Management, Top 50 Student Management (at the same time won three top 50 top vocational colleges in the country), and was selected as one of the top 30 typical cases of national defense education in the first national school in 2019 (the only vocational college selected in the country) ).

The school covers an area of 807 mu, with a construction area of 336,000 square meters and a total fixed asset value of 2.3 billion. The average per student for instruments and equipment is 159,000 yuan. The total value of the school's training equipment is 461 million yuan. The school has built 6 national-level training bases, 18 productive training bases, and 260 off-campus practice bases in cooperation with enterprises. The school has built professional standard gymnasiums, swimming pools, and stadiums. In 2016, the 54th Beijing Universiade was successfully held. The school library has a building area of 27,000 square meters, a collection of nearly 1.2 million books, and 1.7 million e-books. It is open to the whole society while supporting the school's teaching and research.

The school has more than 30 majors in seven professional groups: mechanical and electrical, aviation, automotive, telecommunications, biology, economics and management, and art. There are six secondary colleges in mechanical and electrical engineering, automotive engineering, telecommunications engineering, biological engineering, economic management, and art design. As well as noncommissioned officers college, basic college, continuing education college, ideological and political theory teaching and research department and other teaching units. Implement full-time higher vocational education, carry out "2+3+2" high-end technical skills talents through training education, targeted non-commissioned officer training education, vocational skills training, adult academic education and other multiple student sources, multi-school education, accumulatively cultivate high-quality skills for the society More than 100,000 talents.

The school currently has 6,821 full-time students, of which 5,446 are higher vocational students, accounting for 80%, and 1,375 are through-training students, accounting for 20%.

The school has 854 faculty members, including 529 full-time teachers. There are 36 senior professional and technical personnel, 214 deputy senior professional and technical personnel; 488 personnel with master's degree and 90 personnel with doctoral degree. There are 5 national outstanding teachers, 21 outstanding teachers in Beijing, 4 academic innovation talents and young top talents in Beijing universities, 16 famous teaching teachers in Beijing, 4 famous teachers in vocational education, and 1 famous teacher in high-tech education. It has 1 national teaching team and 10 municipal excellent teaching teams. In the past five years, a total of more than 30 million yuan has been invested, 30 teachers have been sent to study for doctoral degrees in foreign universities, 123 teachers have been selected to study at well-known domestic and foreign companies and universities, and 23 outstanding teaching teams have been cultivated, professional leaders and backbone teachers There are 105 people, and 45 foreign teachers have been hired for a long time. Lu Jiafu, a famous teaching teacher of the National "Ten Thousand Talents Program", was hired as the chief expert of the school's professional construction, and the "Great Wall Scholar" Chen Yong and senior engineer, and Bai Bingru, a senior examiner for aircraft riveting fitters, were employed as the school's professional leaders. School teachers have won 1 National Vocational Education Teaching Achievement Award in the past five years, and 22 Beijing Teaching Achievement Awards, ranking first in the city in total. They have won the first prize in the Beijing University Young Teacher Teaching Basic Skills Competition for five consecutive years; In the National Vocational College Teachers' Teaching Ability (Informatization Teaching) Contest, 12 first prizes were won.

In the past five years, vocational students have won more than 30 first prizes in the National Skills Competition, ranking third in the country. Through training students won 5 first prizes in the Greater China Region and the National Middle School Students Mathematical Contest in Modeling. It has been awarded as the "Advanced Unit for Employment of College Graduates in Beijing" for many consecutive years, and was rated as the "Model Entrepreneurship Center for Universities in Beijing" Ranked among the top 50 innovation and entrepreneurship model schools in higher vocational colleges in China. The recognition of enterprises and society has increased significantly, the employment rate of graduates is over 98%, and the satisfaction of enterprises is over 95%.

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