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Making Crafts, Welcome the New Year



On the afternoon of February 6, the International Education Institute held a Chinese cultural experience activity "Making Crafts and Greeting the New Year" in Class 105. Guo Yanqiu, deputy dean of the School of International Education, and all the counselors and teachers, and some international students at the school participated in the activity.




The activity started with the sound of festive music. Under the guidance of the teacher, the students started to make handmade products that are full of flavors of the year. For most of the international students, this is the first show of their traditional Chinese handmade artworks, but the students are making great progress, and their works frequently bring surprises to everyone. Ober from Syria excitedly took his results and said, "I want to take this and make a vibrato."




On the occasion of the arrival of the New Year, the hand-made activities full of Chinese cultural elements not only enhanced the international students’ understanding of the Chinese New Year culture, but also allowed them to feel the lively atmosphere of the Chinese New Year. It also enhanced the exchanges with the students and deepened their exchanges. friendship. In the end, everyone took a group photo of their own works, which ended the event satisfactorily.


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