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Thailand Online Education Exhibition



On the afternoon of January 28, the School of International Education was invited to participate in the online education exhibition held by Thailand, aiming to expand the influence of our school in international education and recruit high-quality Thai students.




The college first outlined the development history of the school's international education and its advantages in running a school, and gave a detailed introduction to the school’s enrollment projects, on-campus scholarship policies and online teaching development. Immediately afterward, the teacher in charge of enrollment detailed our school's passing of the Thai foreign students' practicing physician exam and the relevant situation of the Thai Alumni Association and had a lively online exchange with local Thai students, which achieved good publicity effects.




In the past month, the International Education Institute has successively participated in the online education exhibition in Sri Lanka, the online education exhibition in Indonesia, and the online education exhibition in Thailand. The epidemic has brought new challenges to international enrollment. The School of International Education will work hard to open up new ways to increase the influence of our school's international education.


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