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Chinese proficiency test online tutoring lectures



On the afternoon of January 31, the School of International Education organized an online tutoring lecture for the Chinese Proficiency Test. This lecture was given by Qi Ji, a teacher from the Teaching and Research Section of Chinese as a Foreign Language of our school, with relevant international students actively participating.


This tutorial lecture mainly provides targeted guidance on the core elements of the Chinese proficiency test classification, format, selection of tutorial materials and test skills that international students care about. The aim is to improve the passing rate of the Chinese proficiency test of our school’s international students and spread China Voice, tell Chinese stories well, breakthrough language barriers and lay the foundation.




In accordance with the latest document requirements of the Ministry of Education and other higher-level authorities, the Chinese language proficiency of all kinds of students who come to China for enrollment and graduation has been clearly stipulated. The School of International Education closely follows the major policies and adjusts the teaching plan in a timely manner, with a targeted approach, and further clarifies the importance of Chinese education in the education of international students in our school. Especially during the epidemic period, the majority of international students cannot enter the country, and the Chinese language learning environment is quite different from that at school. The college actively compensates for it by increasing online tutoring lectures, and organizing various Chinese language and cultural activities during online lectures to ensure the online course period. The effect of Chinese teaching. This event is also one of our school's winter vacation activities for international students.


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