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Liaoning Provincial Government Scholarship


The Liaoning Provincial Government Scholarship for Foreign Students is a measure taken by the Provincial Government to expand the areas of cooperation in higher education in Liaoning, expand the international influence of Liaoning universities, and promote the development of foreign student education in Liaoning Province.


Enrollment category

The Liaoning Provincial Government Scholarship for International Students is a full scholarship, and the enrollment category is doctoral students. It is only used for enrolling new students and not for existing doctoral students.


Enrollment quota

It is planned to enroll 30 students in 2015. Quota per school: 2-4 people


Application time

January to April


How to apply

Students need to apply directly to the following universities in Liaoning Province:

Our school belongs to the Liaoning Provincial Government Scholarship Institution


Application requirements

1. The applicant is a foreign citizen holding a foreign passport and is physically and mentally healthy.

2. Applicants should have a master's degree or above, with excellent grades, and be between 26-40 years old.


Admission results released

The school will notify the scholarship recipients of the final result before June 30.


Application Procedures

Applicants need to fill in the application form online (URL: http//studyatdmu.dlmedu.edu.cn), and upload relevant application materials, such as photos, passport copies, bachelor degree certificates, transcripts, internship certificates, certificates from the Medical Association Certificate of registration, recommendation letters from two professors, study plan.


Application materials

1. Duplicate "Application Form for Foreign Student Scholarships from the Liaoning Provincial Government of China" completed by the applicant;

2. The original and photocopy of the notarized highest degree certificate and academic transcript;

3. The original and copy of the certificate of enrollment or employment;

4. Study and research plans in China, and two letters of recommendation from professors.

The above materials must be translated into Chinese or English if they are not in Chinese or English.

For professional details, please log on to the website: http://www.csc.edu.cn/laihua/scholarship.aspx


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