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Dalian Medical University was founded in 1947, formerly known as the Kanto Medical College. It was merged into Dalian University in 1949 and was called Dalian University School of Medicine. The establishment of Dalian University was revoked in 1950, and Dalian Medical College became independent. In 1969, Dalian Medical College moved south to Zunyi City, Guizhou Province, and Zunyi Medical College was established. It was reopened at the original site in Dalian in 1978, still known as Dalian Medical College. In 1994, it was renamed Dalian Medical University. The school has now developed into a medical university with multi-disciplinary development such as science, engineering, management, art, law and philosophy. It is a key construction university of the first-class university in Liaoning Province.


The school is located at No. 9 West Section of South Lushun Road, Dalian City, Liaoning Province. It covers an area of 1.51 million square meters and a building area of 532,000 square meters. The total value of the school’s fixed assets is 2.462 billion yuan, of which the total value of teaching and research equipment is 469 million yuan. The school has a collection of 2.696 million books and 59 kinds of database resources. There are 23 teaching and scientific research units, 27 affiliated hospitals, and 23 undergraduate enrollment majors.


The school currently has 1 national key discipline, 4 first-class construction disciplines in Liaoning Province, and 4 first-class characteristic disciplines in Liaoning Province. Three disciplines enter the top 1% of ESI global institutions. There are 4 post-doctoral research mobile stations. There are 4 first-level discipline doctoral degree authorization points, 1 professional doctoral degree authorization point; 11 first-level discipline master degree authorization points and 6 professional master degree authorization points.


The school has more than 9,000 faculty and medical staff. Among them, there are more than 950 senior titles, nearly 1,000 associate senior titles, more than 190 doctoral tutors, and 1,600 master tutors. Won 1 innovation team from the Ministry of Education and 15 innovation teams from Liaoning Province. 8 candidates for the National "Millions of Talents Project", 4 winners of the National "Outstanding Youth Science Fund", 29 experts enjoying special government allowances from the State Council, 5 young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions to national health and family planning, and the National "Outstanding Youth Science Fund" "There are 4 winners and 2 winners of the New Century Excellent Talents Support Program of the Ministry of Education. There are 28 famous teaching teachers in Liaoning Province, 22 outstanding experts in Liaoning Province, 21 climbing scholars in Liaoning colleges and universities, and 36 specially-appointed professors in Liaoning Province. There are 6 provincial-level teaching teams and 2 "Huang Danian Style" teacher teams.


The school has more than 13,300 full-time students, including 4,900 postgraduates, 7,500 undergraduates, and more than 900 foreign students. The school is the first batch of national pilot units for the “Excellent Doctor Education and Training Program” and the second batch of pilot universities for transformation and development in Liaoning Province. There are 4 national-level first-class undergraduate professional construction points, 4 characteristic major construction points, 20 provincial-level majors; 6 national-level teaching platforms, 30 provincial-level teaching platforms; 4 national-level courses, provincial-level 42 courses; 2 majors ranked first in the province's professional rankings. The school has won the first place in the Northeast Division of the "National Clinical Skills Competition for College Students of Higher Medical Colleges" for 7 consecutive years; in recent years, it has won 4 special prizes and 2 first prizes in the national finals. In recent years, he has won 1 first prize, 1-second prize, and 12 third prizes in the "Challenge Cup" National University Students Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Competition; the fifth "National College Students Basic Medical Innovation Forum and Experimental Design Competition" 2 3 first prizes, 3 third prizes, and 1 third prize in the China-Russia competition. In 2019, it won 44 national-level projects for college student innovation and entrepreneurship training programs, and 88 provincial-level projects. The 6th Liaoning Province University Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Annual Conference won three awards: Excellent Exhibition Project, Excellent Academic Paper Project and My Favorite Exhibition Project; The 5th Liaoning Province "Internet +" University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition won 2 gold awards and silver awards 1 item, 5 bronze awards. A voluntary donation of hematopoietic stem cells is at the forefront of the country, and it is the university with the largest number of successful donations in Northeast China, with 16 students completing the donation.


The school currently has 1 national and local joint engineering laboratory, 1 national and local joint engineering research center, 1 national-level international joint research center, and 2 national-level international scientific and technological cooperation bases. There are ministerial-level laboratories, provincial key laboratories, provincial professional technology innovation centers, provincial engineering technology research centers, major scientific and technological platforms of provincial universities, provincial engineering laboratories, provincial engineering research centers, provincial university key laboratories, and provincial clinical medicine research centers 42 provincial and ministerial-level scientific research platforms. Since the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan", the school has been approved for 289 national science and technology projects, national key research and development projects (projects), National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Social Science Foundation and other national projects, with Dalian Medical University as the first completion unit. There are 2333 SCI papers and 29 ESI highly cited papers. 5 professors have been continuously selected in the 2016-2018 "China Highly Cited Scholars List". Won 1 second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award and 36 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards.


The school currently has 3 directly affiliated hospitals. Both the First Affiliated Hospital and the Second Affiliated Hospital were selected as one of the "Top 100 Hospitals in China". The First Affiliated Hospital has a total construction area of 391,900 square meters, 3,700 beds, an annual service volume of 2.735 million person-times, and 116,000 inpatients admitted to form a medical layout of “one hospital and five hospital areas”. It is Liaoning’s strongest overall strength and common people. One of the most trusted third-class medical research university affiliated hospitals. There are 1 national key discipline and 47 provincial and above key disciplines/specialties. With "emergency patients, difficult patients, high-tech, and critically ill patients" as the medical service positioning, hundreds of clinical high-techs such as atrial fibrillation catheter ablation treatment have been carried out. It is the first to establish a one-stop cardiovascular disease diagnosis and treatment center in China. It has the only/first in Northeast China, such as the National Standardized Metabolic Disease Management Center and a one-stop thyroid disease one-stop diagnosis and treatment center. Obtained 4 national-level platforms, and the number and quality of scientific research platforms at the provincial level and above are leading in the province. Relying on 4 national specialist doctor training bases, he won the first place in the Northeast of the first national residency training level competition, the first national surgical team champion in the first national residency training skill competition, and won the first prize of the national college student clinical skills competition many times. Dozens of models emerged, including famous doctors of the Republic, Nightingale Prize winners, good Chinese doctors, and model individuals for national unity and progress. It has been selected as one of the "Top 100 Competitiveness Rankings of China's Top Hospitals" for consecutive years, and has successively won the "National Top 100 Demonstration Hospitals for People Reassured", "China's Most Reliable Medical Institutions", and the National "Humanistic Love Hospitals".


The Second Affiliated Hospital has 3,000 beds, an annual service volume of 2.156 million, admission of 133,000 inpatients, and an annual operation of 110,000. It is Liaoning’s strongest comprehensive strength and the most trusted third-class medical research university affiliated to the people. One of the hospitals is the largest hospital in southern Liaoning. There are 1 national key discipline, 1 key discipline of Chinese medicine, 1 key specialty, and 38 provincial and above key disciplines/specialties/diagnostic centers. The hospital has firmly established the functional positioning of the affiliated hospital of the university, and built seven international medical centers, eight medical platforms, and nine university departments. It is domestically leading in oncology, minimally invasive, transplantation, emergency and critical illness, integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, and nursing. It has been approved as a national tumor Regional medical center, the introduction of the first Da Vinci surgical robot in southern Liaoning; a standardized metabolic disease management center, advanced stroke center and many other first/only national center bases in Northeast China. Established the first medical alliance in southern Liaoning and became a national demonstration; approved the first batch of pilot units for modern hospital management systems in the country; the first in Northeast China to pass the five-star certification of Chinese hospital competitiveness; the first Internet hospital in Dalian; it has won the country many times Special prize for college students' clinical skills competition. The number of high-end scientific research teams and talents ranks in the forefront of the Northeast, with many examples such as "good Chinese", "good Chinese doctors", "most beautiful doctors" and "outstanding nursing workers". Won the title of "Advanced Collective", the highest award of the national health system, the National Demonstration Hospital of Action to Improve Medical Services, and the National Characteristic Hospital Cultural Hospital. It has been ranked first in the comprehensive target performance evaluation of provincial medical institutions for many years. The third affiliated hospital is under construction.


The school vigorously promotes the internationalization of education, and the education level of international students ranks among the top medical schools in the country. It was named the first batch of "national study bases in China", and was approved for independent enrollment qualifications for Chinese government scholarship students and the Ministry of Education "Silk Road" scholarship The project has passed the national education quality certification for studying in China and won the highest award in the first clinical thinking and skills competition for international students in China. It is the first medical Chinese proficiency test test site established by the Confucius Institute/Chinese Test International in Dalian. Medical degree education has been recognized by the World Health Organization. The student base covers 115 countries and regions on five continents. It has successively cooperated with more than 100 universities and universities in more than 30 countries and regions including the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Australia, Russia, and Japan. Scientific research institutes establish cooperative relations; cooperate with Benedictine University in the United States to carry out the "Sino-US Master of Public Health Sino-foreign Cooperation School Project". The school has joined the Health Sub-Alliance of the Global Silk Road University Alliance and the Sino-Russian Medical University Alliance.


Inherit history and create the future. The teachers and students of the whole school uphold the school motto of “excellent understanding, dexterity, benevolence, and world” and the school spirit of “unity, rigor, truth-seeking, and innovation”. Of the medical university and work hard.


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