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In order to encourage foreign students of our school to better complete their studies during their stay at the school, cultivate their hard-working learning attitude, create a strong atmosphere of learning competition among the majority of foreign students, and set an example, the school has decided to select outstanding students among foreign students and establish scholarships.


Basic conditions for participation

1. Able to consciously abide by Chinese laws and school rules and regulations; pay various fees on time;

2. I love Dalian Medical University, I love my major, I have a clear learning goal, a good attitude, and excellent grades. Attendance rate reaches more than 90%;

3. Each academic year's examination course scores are above 70 points, and the examination course is passed;

4. Be civilized, respect teachers and staff, care for public property, unite with classmates, and care about the collective;

5. Actively participate in social practice, cultural and sports activities organized by the school;


Those who have one of the following conditions during the year of awards cannot participate in the selection of scholarships:

1. One of the subjects of this school year's examination is absent, make-up, or postponed (cannot take the normal examination due to special reasons);

2. Leave the scholar;

3. Those who have been punished;


Award establishment and award amount:

1. First-class scholarship: a bonus of 10,000 yuan

2. Second-class scholarship: 7500 yuan bonus

3. Third-class scholarship: a bonus of 5,000 yuan


The proportion of awards:

1. Comprehensive assessment based on grade;

2. The proportion of first-class scholarships should not exceed 1.5% of the appraisal grade; the proportion of second-class scholarships should not exceed 3% of the appraisal grade; and the proportion of third-class scholarships should not exceed 5% of the appraisal grade.


Evaluation criteria

1. First-class scholarship: Those with an average score of 85 points or more are eligible to participate in the evaluation of the first-class scholarship.

2. Second-class scholarship: Those with an average score of 80 points or more are eligible to participate in the evaluation of the second-class scholarship.

3. Third-class scholarship: Those with an average score of 75 points or more are eligible to participate in the evaluation of the third-class scholarship.


Evaluation method

The evaluation work is in the charge of the International Education Institute. The academic records, attendance rate and daily performance of international students, as well as the opinions of the teachers in the class, are the important basis for the evaluation work.

Scholarships are assessed at the end of each academic year and announced at the beginning of the second academic year. Feedback will be accepted within one week from the date of publicity. Overdue will not be accepted.

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