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School leaders visit international students



On the morning of February 9th, Vice President Zhao Jie went to the First and Second Affiliated Hospitals of Dalian Medical University respectively to visit and condolences the international students who were on-the-job internship during the Spring Festival, and sent the school's care and good wishes for the Chinese New Year to the students. Ren Ping, Secretary of the Party Committee and Dean of the Second Affiliated Hospital, Yin Jian, Director of the Academic Affairs Office and Vice Dean of the Second Affiliated Hospital, Shang Dong, Dean of the School of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, and Vice Dean of the First Affiliated Hospital, Dean and Dean of the School of International Education Wu Bin, secretary of the party branch, Song Bo and Guo Yanqiu, deputy deans, and related teachers participated in the condolences activities.




Zhao Jie first stated that the school attaches great importance to the education and management of international students during the winter vacation, and is always concerned about the students' study and living conditions, and the affiliated hospital has also done a lot of work for this. He introduced the customs of the Chinese New Year to the students, and encouraged everyone to experience and understand Chinese culture personally and tell Chinese stories well through the experience of traditional Chinese festivals. He expressed his understanding of his classmates being far away from their hometowns and missing their relatives. He hoped that his classmates could regard the school as their second home and their teachers and classmates as their relatives. He hoped that the students should arrange their time scientifically and rationally. They must work well and have a good rest, and be able to integrate into the teaching hospital, overcome the difficulties caused by the epidemic, and successfully complete their learning tasks.




Zhao Jie and the leaders of related colleges distributed Spring Festival gift packages to overseas students. The school carefully prepared exquisite gifts such as the mascot of the year of the ox and the zodiac, a red scarf, a gift package of dried fruits, a festive blessing character, and anti-epidemic supplies, so that the students in the school can feel the warmth of home. The international students expressed their gratitude one after another. They said that although they are in a foreign country, the care and blessings from the school made them feel warm and truly experienced the festive and warm Chinese New Year.


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