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International students welcome a warm Chinese New Year



February 11 is about to usher in the traditional Chinese Lunar New Year's Eve. In order to let the international students who live in the school also feel the joy and joy of the Chinese New Year, and feel the connotation and charm of Chinese culture firsthand, while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, the school Organized a series of activities to experience the Chinese New Year for the international students at school, so that the overseas students who have been away from home can feel the warmth of the Haida family.

On the morning of February 8, representatives of international students who live on campus came to the catering center of the school's logistics group to experience China on the tip of their tongues. Under the hand-by-hand guidance of the chef and pastry chefs, the international students rolled up their sleeves and practiced, cutting vegetables, changing knives, and cooking. After a series of busy and joyful processes, Kung Pao Chicken is the most popular among students. Classic dishes such as, braised pork ribs and so on are served on the plate one after another, and dumplings of different shapes and interesting are out of the pot. After tasting the Chinese food and dumplings made by hand for the first time, the students admired: Chinese food is so delicious, so rich and interesting! We tasted the taste of Chinese New Year, the taste of "home"!

On the afternoon of February 8, the director of the International Student Education Center came to the international student dormitory to give the students the word "Fu" and Spring Festival couplets, and explained in detail the auspicious meaning of "Four seasons are safe and good luck, and all the stars are good fortune" in the Spring Festival couplets. The red blessing characters, spring festival couplets, and festive red lanterns make the foreign student dormitory particularly festive and full of flavor, and also reflect the red smiling faces of the students.

On the afternoon of February 9, the teachers of the International Student Education Center made delicious dumplings for the 56 international students on campus. As one of the most important traditional delicacies for the Chinese New Year, dumplings not only taste delicious, but also reflect the Chinese nation's expectation for reunion, consummation, and a better life. The international students and the teachers ate dumplings, chatted with their homework, and learned about the story of the Chinese New Year. The steaming dumplings brought everyone's hearts very close, and felt the warmth of the Haida family and the charm of the Chinese New Year in this winter of the epidemic.




Under the background of normalization of epidemic prevention and control work, the winter vacation and Spring Festival of 2021 are exceptionally extraordinary. Under the guidance and support of the school, the International Student Education Center will continue to do its utmost to manage and serve international students during the winter vacation, so that international students can spend the New Year safely and happily and have a fruitful winter vacation. No matter where you are, on the occasion of welcoming the Chinese New Year, I wish all Hainan University students a happy Chinese New Year and a blessed year of the Ox!


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