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1. What kind of university is Dalian Maritime University?

Dalian Maritime University is a national key university affiliated with the Ministry of Transport. It is a national "211 Project" key construction university and a national "Double First-Class" construction university. The National Defense Science and Technology Industry Bureau, the People's Government of Liaoning Province, and the People's Government of Dalian Municipality jointly established universities. Known as "the cradle of navigators", the school is a well-known maritime institution in China, and one of the few maritime universities in the world recognized by the International Maritime Organization as "internationally renowned".


2. When was Dalian Maritime University established?

Dalian Maritime University originated from the Shipping Department of Shanghai Higher Industrial School of the Ministry of Posts and Communications established in 1909.


3. What is the area of ​​Dalian Maritime University?

Dalian Maritime University is located in the southwest of Dalian, a famous coastal city in northern China. The school covers an area of ​​1.36 million square meters, with a school building area of ​​900,000 square meters.


4. How about the campus facilities of Dalian Maritime University?

The school has facilities and fully functional navigational professional teaching experimental buildings, a navigation training and engineering practice center, aquatic survival training hall, teaching harbor, library, swimming pool, planetarium, etc.; has a navigation simulation laboratory, marine simulation experiment There are more than 100 teaching and research laboratories, including 2 ocean-going teaching practice ships.


5. How many students are there in Dalian Maritime University?

There are more than 20,000 undergraduates and postgraduates in the school, and foreign students studying for bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees are also enrolled.


6. How many majors does Dalian Maritime University have?

Lian Maritime University has 53 undergraduate majors, 7 first-level discipline doctoral degree authorization points, 19 first-level discipline master degree authorization points, 7 post-doctoral mobile stations, and 14 master professional degree authorization categories (including 14 master degrees in engineering) In the field of engineering, the Master of Translation covers 2 translation fields). The school now has 2 national key disciplines, 14 provincial and ministerial key disciplines, and 2 provincial key cultivation disciplines. Engineering disciplines and computer science are among the top 1% of ESI in the world.


7. How about the faculty of Dalian Maritime University?

Dalian Maritime University has a teaching staff with good overall quality, reasonable hierarchical structure and relatively stable. There are 1527 full-time teachers, including 363 professors, 147 full-time doctoral supervisors, 44 secondary professors and 77 tertiary professors. A large number of excellent young and middle-aged teachers have emerged. In the fields of maritime traffic engineering, navigation information engineering, ship intelligence, ship power system and energy-saving technology, ship machinery repair engineering, communication and information system, marine environmental protection, maritime law and regulation system, a group of well-known experts and professors with profound professional theory and strong scientific research ability and young backbone with active academic thought and innovative spirit have been gathered. The University also employs 10 sharing academicians, 9 "Yangtze River scholars" and 149 lecture professors. By employing well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad to carry out substantive work and exchanges, the teachers and students of Dalian maritime university can have close contact with the cutting-edge theories of various disciplines, further expand their horizons and activate the academic atmosphere.


8. What should I do if I cannot report to Dalian Maritime University on time?

International students should register according to the registration date specified in the admission notice. If you need to enter early, it is recommended not to arrive at school earlier than the dormitory opening day. If you cannot register on time, please fax or email a written application to the Admissions Office of the International Student Education Center of our school and explain the reason for your late arrival. Those who fail to register on time for more than 2 weeks without reason will be treated as an automatic withdrawal. (Fax number: 86-411-84723569; Email: shaliangbo@dlmu.edu.cn)


9. What dormitories for international students does Dalian Maritime University have?

Dalian Maritime University International Student Apartment-Yihua No.1 Apartment

Phone: +86-411-84723062

Next to Sinan Square, Dalian Maritime University, No. 1, Linghai Road, Dalian

To the International Student Education Center-1 minute walk


Dalian Maritime University International Student Apartment-Yihua No.2 Apartment

Phone: +86-411-66897116

Next to Sinan Square, Dalian Maritime University, No. 1, Linghai Road, Dalian

To the International Student Education Center-3 minutes walk


10. Can I apply for accommodation outside Dalian Maritime University?

Yes, students who apply for off-campus accommodation can inquire about renting information through real estate agencies or related websites.


11. What banks are near Dalian Maritime University?

Bank of China (Huangpu Road Branch) (recommended)

3 minutes walk to the east of the main entrance of the school, on the first floor of Chuangye Building


China Construction Bank (Luanjin Branch)

10 minutes walk from the north gate of the school


Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Luanjin Branch)

10 minutes walk from the north gate of the school


Agricultural Bank of China (Luanjin Branch)

10 minutes walk from the north gate of the school


12. What materials do I need to bring to study at Dalian Maritime University?

The following is a list of documents that students need to bring, please remember to bring them when you come to school:

• Valid passport and visa

• Admission notice (original)

• Visa application form for foreign students studying in China (JW201/JW202 form)

• Application materials that failed to be submitted at the time of application

• All expenses (including tuition, accommodation, accommodation deposit, insurance, and teaching materials)

• The highest degree certificate or certificate of enrollment (original)

• 8 2-inch color photos with white background

• Foreigner's physical examination record, blood report, urine report, X-ray film, electrocardiogram (original. Applicable to foreign students who need a residence permit)

• Passports, visas of family members, family relationship certificates certified by Chinese embassies abroad, marriage certificates and birth certificates (please bring them if necessary)

It is recommended to keep 2 copies of important documents. At the same time, students are also advised to translate relevant documents such as medical prescriptions and marriage certificates into Chinese before going abroad.

The following are the personal documents that you are recommended to bring (please bring if necessary):

• Medical prescription

• Transcript

• Personal bank statement


13. How to get to Dalian Maritime University from the airport?


The most convenient way is to take a taxi. Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport is located in the northwest direction of Dalian City, about 15 kilometers away from the campus of Dalian Maritime University.

The price of a taxi in Dalian is 2 yuan/km. A taxi from the airport to Dalian Maritime University costs 30 yuan and about 45 yuan at night.

Before boarding, make sure that the taxi you are using is an operating vehicle with a business license. Please be sure to ask the driver for a taxi invoice when you get off the bus.

Airport bus

You can take the airport bus to Xinggong Street and transfer to Bus No. 10 and get off at Lingnan Middle Road for 6 yuan, or transfer to Bus 531 at the railway station for 7 yuan.


You can take bus No. 701 or No. 717 at the airport, transfer to No. 10 at Gaizhou Street, and get off at Lingnan Middle Road. The fare is 2 yuan.

We recommend that students choose to take a taxi to the school when they first come to Dalian, which saves time and can accurately find the location of the school. We can arrange a pick-up service for foreign students.


14. How to apply for a dormitory in Dalian Maritime University?

After arriving in Dalian for the first time, freshmen must go to the local police station to go through the accommodation registration procedures within 24 hours (this is a necessary procedure for applying for a visa in China). Students who live on campus, please first go to the 405 office to fill in the accommodation registration form. If the student's visa, passport or residential address is changed, he/she needs to re-register for accommodation within 24 hours after the change. Anyone who violates the above regulations will be given a warning or a fine of less than 2,000 yuan by the local police station in accordance with Chinese laws and regulations.


15. When will the tuition of Dalian Maritime University be paid?

1) Tuition fee, accommodation fee, accommodation fee deposit and insurance fee are paid at the time of registration each semester and can be paid by credit card or cash (insurance fee can only be paid in cash). At the time of registration, students with academic qualifications must pay the tuition for at least one academic year. Non-degree students pay tuition fees according to the study period.

2) For international students who withdraw within two weeks of the beginning of the semester, 75% of the tuition for the semester will be refunded; for withdrawal within three weeks, 50% of the tuition for the semester will be refunded; tuition for this semester over three weeks will not be transferred or refunded (registration fee) No refunds).

3) If the student requests to withdraw from the school after the visa is processed, the visa must be changed before the tuition is withdrawn.


16. Do I have to buy insurance when I come to Dalian Maritime University to study?

Foreign students must purchase medical insurance during the study period in our school. The insurance period must cover the study period in our school. The scope of responsibility includes at least death/accidental disability, accidental injury medical treatment, and hospitalization.

Those who have studied in China for less than 6 months (inclusive) can purchase relevant insurance in the applicant's home country. Foreign students who have purchased insurance must provide relevant documents to the International Student Education Center at the time of registration to prove that they have purchased insurance that meets the requirements of our school. The documents should be in Chinese or English. For those who have not purchased the required medical insurance, the school will not handle registration, visa and residence permit procedures.

Those who have studied in China for more than 6 months must purchase insurance company products approved by the school and legally operated in mainland China (according to the relevant regulations of the Chinese Ministry of Education) when registering.


17. How much does the insurance cost for studying at Dalian Maritime University?

Insurance time limit


One year

800 yuan

Half a year

400 yuan

Two months

240 yuan

A month

160 yuan


18. How is the climate in Dalian?

Dalian is located in the southern end of the Liaodong Peninsula and on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean. It is an important port, industrial, commercial and tourist city. Dalian has a total area of 13237 square kilometers, a coastline of 1906 kilometers and a total population of 6.69 million. Dalian has an excellent environment, no severe cold in winter, no severe heat in summer.


19. What kind of food can I taste when you study in Dalian Maritime University?

In Dalian, you can taste a variety of delicacies, including traditional Chinese food, Western food and various Asian cuisines. Among them, seafood is the most popular food here.


20. How about the living facilities of Dalian Maritime University?

There are 11 student restaurants and halal restaurants on the campus. There is a Haida supermarket on the campus where you can buy food and daily necessities. You can check the campus map for specific locations.

Other service facilities in the school are also very complete, including hospitals, post offices, ATMs, bookstores, laundry shops, photo studios, and sports venues. There are Wanda Plaza, Jinhui Shopping Plaza, and Wal-Mart Supermarket around the campus, which can meet most of the needs of life.


21. What clubs does Dalian Maritime University have?

Dalian Maritime University has more than 100 student clubs. Every September, each club recruits new members. You can participate in different club activities according to your interests and hobbies.

International students who establish a social group on campus must submit a written application and be approved by the school, operate within the scope of Chinese laws and regulations, and obey the leadership and management of the school.

The International Student Education Center has the Foreign Affairs Volunteer Association and the International Student Association.


22. What extracurricular activities does Dalian Maritime University have?

The International Student Education Center organizes various cultural and sports activities, visits, and sightseeing activities for international students in their spare time. Please pay close attention to the notice and participate actively.

International students can use the various stadiums and gymnasiums of the school, and sometimes they have to pay a certain fee. When carrying out cultural and sports activities, you should not affect the study and rest of others, and you should also pay attention to taking care of sports equipment and facilities.


23. What should I pay attention to when studying at Dalian Maritime University?

The law and order in Dalian are good. It is relatively safe to study and live in Dalian Maritime University. But it is still recommended that you can not take it lightly.

First of all, take good care of your passport and money. Don't take your passport and large amounts of money with you. Valuables must be locked in the room, and the water and electricity switches must be turned off before going out, and doors and windows must be closed.

Observe the traffic rules and pay attention to traffic safety when traveling.

In case of problems, you must report to the police in time and report to the International Student Affairs Office. The teachers will do their best to help you.

Emergency call:

Police: 110 Fire: 119 Traffic accident: 122 Medical emergency: 120 Campus police call: 84724110


24. Do I need to pay a deposit for accommodation at Dalian Maritime University?

Yihua No. 1 Apartment 500 yuan / Yihua No. 2 Apartment 1,000 yuan (The accommodation deposit can be fully refunded after checking out if the facilities in the room are not damaged or missing items)


25. How much does the textbook cost of Dalian Maritime University?

Educational items: about RMB 1000~1500

Non-academic items: about 500 yuan


26. What materials do I need to apply for Dalian Maritime University?

1) "Dalian Maritime University Foreign Student Admission Application Form" (please complete the online application first and print it through the system.)

2) A copy of the passport's personal information page (if the applicant submits an application for admission in China, a copy of a valid stay visa in China is required)

3) Notarized high school graduation certificate or high school enrollment certificate (applicable to recent graduates who have not obtained the certificate)

4) Notarized high school transcripts

5) Proof of language ability:

HSK Certificate of Chinese Proficiency (Level 4 or above) has no corresponding levelHSK certificate holders need to participate in our school's Chinese proficiency test, and their scores are equivalent to HSK level 4 or above to enter our school for undergraduate majors.


1) The application deadline is June 15th each year

2) Documents that are not in Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations

3) International students currently studying in China must also provide proof of enrollment and transcripts issued by the relevant university


27. How to apply for Dalian Maritime University?

Please read carefully the various application information and application procedures provided in the admissions section of our college's website. Before the application deadline, applicants need to submit an application for admission through the online application system https://dlmu.17gz.org and pay the application fee. After the application is submitted, the applicant can check the result of the application through the system. If the application is approved, the applicant needs to submit a complete paper version of the application materials and pay the registration fee as required by the school to confirm acceptance. After receiving the application fee, the school will process the admission notice and visa application form for foreign students studying in China and other admission documents for the admitted students.


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