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Scholarships for outstanding international students


In order to further promote the development of our school’s international student work and encourage more international students to come to our school, the "Dalian Maritime University Scholarship for Outstanding International Students" is specially established. The scholarship is mainly used to subsidize outstanding foreign students of our school. The specific application rules are as follows:


Scholarship categories:

Outstanding Freshman Scholarship (including Hanpei Freshmen, Pre-undergraduate Freshmen, Undergraduate Freshmen and Master Freshmen), Excellent Hanpei Scholarship, Excellent Undergraduate Scholarship, Excellent Masters Scholarship, Study Progress Scholarship, Excellent Graduate Scholarship (including undergraduates, Han Pei graduates, preparatory graduates).


Reward content:

Scholarship for outstanding freshmen and Hanpei students: 2,000 yuan Scholarship for outstanding undergraduates: up to 8,000 yuan Scholarship for outstanding master students: up to 10,000 yuan Scholarship for study progress: 1,000 yuan Scholarship for outstanding graduates: up to 40,000 yuan.


Reward form:

Reduction of tuition or accommodation fees for the next stage of the study.


Application date:

May (spring semester) and November (fall semester) each year, depending on the type of scholarship.


Selection conditions:

1. Comply with Chinese laws and regulations and various school rules and regulations.

2. Respect the customs of the Chinese people and maintain the friendship between peoples of all countries.

3. Respect the teachers, unite the students, and behave properly.

4. Excellent academic performance, good class performance and attendance.

5. Participate in at least one school-level or above-level activity or competition organized by the school during the semester/school year on which the selection is based; achieve good results, or make outstanding contributions to the school and arouse a wide range of positive responses. Priority consider.


Contact information:

Office 412, Academic Affairs Department, International Student Education Center, Dalian Maritime University

Phone/Fax: 86-411-84727558


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