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International Student Education takes multiple measures to prevent the epidemic



Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the school has attached great importance to the prevention and control of the epidemic for international students. All faculty and staff of the International Student Education Center have overcome the difficulties of large numbers of international students, strong mobility, and difficult management during the vacation, combined with the particularity and complexity of the work of studying in China, taking multiple measures, accurately implementing policies, making concerted efforts, and overcoming the difficulties together. With a down-to-earth working attitude, efficient and powerful prevention and control measures, and the warm love of Haida people, we stick to the front line of epidemic prevention and control and ensure the health of 120 international students in China with the results of "zero accidents and zero epidemics" And peace.




After our school’s epidemic prevention and control work began, members of the central leadership team returned to work as soon as possible to earnestly implement the instructions of the central government and Liaoning Province on the prevention and control of new coronavirus infections and the relevant arrangements of the school party committee and the prevention and control work leading group. arrangement. Promptly carry out epidemic prevention and control work. On January 21, the "Emergency Plan for Foreign Students of Dalian Maritime University in Response to the Novel Coronavirus Infection Pneumonia Epidemic" was formulated. On January 23, an international student epidemic prevention and control command leading group was established to establish a working mechanism and communication mechanism during epidemic prevention and control to be timely and appropriate To deal with various emergencies, comprehensive deployment work has been carried out in the aspects of information reporting, student supervision, building management and control, logistics support, and teaching training. On February 24, school leaders such as Zheng Shannan, secretary of the school's party committee and Li Xinbiao, secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, visited the International Students Education Center to visit students and staff who stick to the frontline positions, check the epidemic prevention and control work, conduct investigations and conduct investigations and provide guidance. To solve the difficulties and problems in the epidemic prevention and control work, we asked in detail about the epidemic prevention and control work of different types of international students such as international students in school, international students in Lianhua, and international students from other regions of the country (border), and consulted on the investigations. Difficulties in daily management, living security and supplies of life supermarkets for international students, on-site coordination and strengthening of linkages require relevant departments to effectively strengthen the education management and living security of international students.




In order to implement the epidemic prevention and control work as soon as possible, the center moved quickly and arranged work intensively, and must race against time to win the battle against the "epidemic". Starting from January 23, all group activities for international students on campus will be canceled. The foreign students' dormitory building is forbidden to receive people outside the campus, and strict ventilation and disinfection and safety inspections are implemented daily; on January 24, the office building and dormitory building must post and returning international students. An emergency notice for 14 days of self-quarantine; starting from January 26, the international student dormitory and teaching building will be fully closed for management, and personnel in and out of the building must register and check their body temperature. At the same time, establish a work responsibility system, clarify the division of responsibilities, organize all employees to carry out investigation work, assign each international student in China to people, strengthen communication with them, and timely grasp the dynamics of physical condition, access records, etc.; unified on January 27 Post the school's delayed opening notice, and at the same time, according to the requirements of the higher-level departments, collect a series of data on school students, planned returnees, and upcoming students; starting from January 28, all international students at school will be measured and reported twice a day. Carpet-style inspection and disinfection of every apartment building room; on January 29, the "Latest Notice on Epidemic Prevention and Control Work to Overseas Students of Haida University" was issued to do a good job in epidemic prevention and publicity work, properly arranged and ensured The study and life of international students in the school help them eliminate panic and strengthen humanistic care; starting from February 10, the school will be fully closed management, and students living on campus are prohibited from leaving the school without special circumstances. During the epidemic prevention and control period, the International Student Education Center actively responded, studying and formulating a number of prevention and control management regulations during the epidemic period, including the "Four Supervisions" ("The International Student Education Center Material Procurement Plan during the Epidemic Prevention and Control Period") and "Five Same" ("International Student Education Center Responding to the New Coronavirus Infection Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Dormitory Safety Inspection Work Plan"), "Nine Regulations" ("International Student Education Center Responding to the New Coronavirus Infection Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control of Students Management Measures"), "International Student Education The Center's Work Plan for the Prevention and Control of the Dormitory Safety Inspection for the Prevention and Control of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic (Interim), and the International Student Federation's Work Plan for the Prevention and Control of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic.


During the winter vacation, through the daily investigation by the staff of the center, two students with suspected pneumonia were found in time, and the hospitalization was arranged immediately and related expenses were paid in advance. At the same time, procedures such as room disinfection, close contact investigation, and insurance advance payment were initiated. In the middle of the night of February 27, the Yemeni international students had a sudden and critical condition. The staff of the center quickly reflected and responded calmly. They immediately rushed to the student’s residence for medical treatment and paid for it. After excluding the possibility of the new crown, the student was safely sent back to the dormitory to rest. Explain the facts to other students in the school as soon as possible to eliminate panic. At the same time, the center also actively communicates information to the China Scholarship Council, the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office and other departments, and takes appropriate measures to solve the subsequent management problems of the student under the premise of reasonable compliance with regulations.




There are a total of 333 international students in our school. They come from all over the world, with very large cultural differences and strong mobility, which have brought many difficulties to the epidemic prevention work. During the development of the epidemic prevention work, the center paid close attention to and cared for the students, and joined hands with the international students of our school through various methods to win the battle of epidemic prevention. First, it conveyed important information and science of epidemic prevention and control to international students through a letter every day. Common sense, relevant laws, etc., to ensure timely information release and repeated reminders of key content, so that students can feel the care of the school and the Chinese government, and ensure the effectiveness of public opinion control; second, provide masks and thermometers for international students at school through multi-party financing and loving assistance The third is to fully cooperate with the relevant functional departments of the school to actively solve the practical problems of eating, seeing a doctor, and shopping for school students during the closed campus management period. During the school’s closed management period, the center actively appealed through various parties to open temporary supermarkets specifically for international students to provide basic food and daily necessities; fourth, contact the Dalian mosque to provide home delivery services for Muslim students’ centralized procurement; fifth, open online psychology The consultation hotline provides protection for the mental health of international students; the sixth is to guide the students to carry out cultural and sports activities with Chinese characteristics in the room by forwarding small videos and other methods. On February 3, Pakistani Ph.D. student Mr. M Jahanzeb Butt published a signed article "Responsibility under Crisis" in Pakistan’s famous English newspaper "Daily News", calling on all Pakistani students studying in China to keep up in the face of the pneumonia epidemic. Calm, firm belief, belief in the Chinese government's ability to control the epidemic and the response measures it has taken, and believe that the Chinese government will protect and care about the health of all students studying in China as cherishes its own citizens. On February 28, all faculty and staff of the center and all international students in China wrote a letter of commendation to pay tribute to the property staff who adhere to the front line of epidemic prevention and control, and thank them for their dedication and dedication for the health and safety of all international students and faculty during this special period. Work tirelessly to ensure the safety of the school.




During the epidemic prevention and control period, in order to fully implement the call of the Ministry of Education to “suspend school without class”, the center actively explores and innovates in teaching. First, it recommends online high-quality courses and data resource platforms inside and outside the school to help international students develop online learning ; The second is to provide online Chinese courses for winter vacation to ensure that Chinese courses for international students are uninterrupted during the epidemic prevention and control period; the third is to guide international students to actively communicate with their tutors to ensure the quality and progress of the paper; the fourth is to actively develop various types of international students in the new semester Preparatory work for online teaching of courses, and use this as an opportunity to explore the feasibility of online teaching in overseas campuses.


During the epidemic prevention and control period, in the work of maintaining the safety and stability of the school and ensuring the health of the international students in China, all the staff of the International Student Education Center warmed and moved the students with their dedication and dedication; they resolved the international students through caring actions The anxiety and anxiety in our hearts have been understood and supported by the international students, which has strengthened their confidence in overcoming the epidemic.


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