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Dalian Maritime University (formerly Dalian Maritime University) is a key university that belongs to the Ministry of Transport, the national "211 Project" universities, national "dual-class" construction of colleges and universities, is the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Education, the State Oceanic Administration, State The National Defense Science, Technology and Industry Bureau, the People's Government of Liaoning Province, and the People's Government of Dalian Municipality jointly established universities. Known as the "Cradle of Navigators", the school is a well-known maritime institution in China and one of the few maritime colleges in the world recognized by the International Maritime Organization as "internationally renowned".


The development history of Dalian Maritime University represents the development history of China's higher maritime education. The school sprouted and established when the nation was suffering from foreign humiliation and the decline of the national transport, and shouldered the historical mission of "saving navigation rights and revitalizing the national transport". Although it has gone through many twists and turns, it has always been passed on from generation to generation, continuously developed, and cultivated by a large number of shipping companies. The talent of the pillars of the career has made important contributions to the revitalization and development of the national shipping industry.


Dalian Maritime University originated from the shipping department of Shanghai Higher Industrial School of the Ministry of Posts and Communications established in1909.1911 boat Affairs Section at the basis of the founder of the postal department Shanghai Higher Merchant Marine Academy in 1912changed its name to merchant Wusong school, closed in 1915, was renamed in 1929after the Ministry of Transport campus in Wusong merchant College, closed again in 1937,1939 Reopened in Chongqing and renamed the National Chongqing Merchant Shipping College, merged into the National Jiaotong University in Chongqing in1943, resumed in Shanghai in 1946and renamed the National Wusong Merchant Shipping College, merged with the Department of Shipping Management of Jiaotong University in1950.Shanghai Institute of Navigation. In 1953, the Central People's Government decided to merge the ShanghaiMaritime School and the Northeast Maritime School, which started in 1927, to form the Dalian Maritime Academy. In the same year, the Fujian Maritime College, which started in 1920in the Fisheries Department of Jimei School, was merged. In 1960, the school was identified as a national key university. In 1963, the State Council approved the implementation of semi-military management in the school's navigation majors. In 1983, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the International Maritime Organization (IMO) established the Asia-Pacific International Maritime Training Center in the school. In 1985, the World Maritime University established a branch campus in the school. In 1994, the school was renamed Dalian Maritime University, and Comrade Jiang Zemin wrote the name of the school. In 1997, the school became a key construction university in the national "211 Project".In 1998, the school's quality management system passed the certification of the National Port Authority and Det Norske Veritas (DNV), becoming the first university in China to introduce the ISO9001quality management system into the quality management of talent training. In 2000, Dalian Maritime School was "put under management".In 2017, the school entered the ranks of national "first-class universities and first-class disciplines" construction universities. Through continuous construction and development, the school has ranked among the forefront of similar institutions in the world in terms of school scale and school level.


The achievements of Dalian Maritime University and its reputation at home and abroad have been fully affirmed and highly praised by the central leadership. In 1993, party and state leaders such as Jiang Zemin, Wen Jiabao, Zeng Qinghong, and Li Lanqing successively inspected Dalian Maritime University. Comrade Jiang Zemin personally wrote the inscription for the school "Strong, rigorous, diligent, pioneering, and build the world's first-rate maritime college!"In 2009, the school successfully held the "China Higher Maritime Education and Dalian Maritime University100thAnniversary" commemorative activity, Li Changchun Party and state leaders such as Zhang Dejiang, Liu Yandong, Chen Zhili and other party and state leaders sent letters or inscriptions to congratulate the school. Party and state leaders such as Liu Yandong and Chen Zhili respectively inspected the school.


Dalian Maritime University is located in the southwest of Dalian, a famous coastal city in northern China. The school covers an area of1.36million square meters, with a school building area of900,000square meters. The school has facilities and fully functional navigational professional teaching experimental buildings, a navigation training and engineering practice center, aquatic survival training hall, teaching harbor, library, swimming pool, planetarium, etc.; has a navigation simulation laboratory, marine simulation experiment There are more than 100teaching and research laboratories, including2ocean-going teaching practice ships.


Dalian Maritime University has School of Navigation, School of Marine Engineering, School of Ship Electrical Engineering, School of Information Science and Technology, School of Transportation Engineering, School of Shipping Economics and Management, School of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, School of Environmental Science and Engineering, School of Law, and School of Foreign Languages, School of Public Administration and Humanities and Arts, School of Marxism, School of Science, Department of Sports Work, School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, School of Continuing Education (Advanced Training School of Transportation), School of Professional Degree Education, Navigation Training and Engineering Practice Center, Shipping Development Research Institute, International Student Education Center, International Union College (World Maritime University Dalian Branch) and other21teaching and research institutions. Undergraduates, graduate students a total of more than 20,000 people, while enrolled bachelor, masters and doctoral degrees for foreign students. And the school60years, the school has trained a variety of senior professional and technical personnel of more than one hundred thousand, most of them have become the backbone of China's shipping industry.


Dalian Maritime University has53undergraduate majors, seven disciplines doctoral programs,19 master's degree level disciplines authorized points, seven post-doctoral programs, professional master's degree authorization 14 categories (including master project covers14 In the field of engineering, the Master of Translation covers2translation fields). The school now has2national key disciplines,14provincial and ministerial key disciplines, and2provincial key cultivated disciplines. Engineering disciplines and computer science areamong the top1% ofESI in theworld;2national engineering research centers and2national science and technology cooperation bases ,10provincial-level professional technology innovation centers and engineering research centers,24provincial-level key laboratories,6provincial-level humanities and social science key research bases;1national-level innovative talent training demonstration base ,5majors listed in the country Excellent engineer education and training plan,1national-level excellent legal talent education training base,6national characteristic professional construction sites, 5 national first-class professional construction sites,1national engineering education professional certification,1national teaching team,1national excellent courses,anIMOmodel course,a national bilingual model course,six national public video quality courses,a national excellent resource sharing courses, three national quality online open courses,four countries Level Engineering Practice Education Center,4National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centers,1National Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center,4National Off-campus Practice Education Bases for University Students,11Provincial Characteristic (Demonstrative) Majors,7Provincial Undergraduates Comprehensive reform pilot majors,4provincial-level undergraduate engineering talent training model reform pilot majors,2provincial-level key support majors for undergraduates,7provincial-level superior characteristic majors,1provincial-level curriculum system internationalization pilot major,3provincial-level majors Innovation and entrepreneurship education reform pilot majors, 16 provincial-level first-class undergraduate education demonstration majors,10provincial-level teaching teams, 1 national-level "Ten Thousand Talents Program" teaching teacher, 23provincial-level teaching teachers,17provincial-level experimental teaching demonstrations Center,13provincial-level college student education practice bases.


Dalian Maritime University has a team of teachers with the good overall quality, reasonable hierarchical structure, and relative stability. There are1527full-time teachers, including363professors, 147full-time doctoral supervisors, 44second-level professors, and third-level professors.77, and a large number of outstanding young and middle-aged teachers emerged. In the fields of maritime traffic engineering, navigation information engineering, ship intelligence, ship power system and energy-saving technology, ship repair, and building engineering, communication and information systems, marine environmental protection, maritime law, and regulations, etc., a group of professional theories and scientific research capabilities have been concentrated Strong, well-known experts, professors and young backbones with active academic thoughts and innovative spirits. The school also hires10shared academicians, 9" Changjiang Scholars", and149chair professors. By hiring well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad to come to the school to carry out substantive work and exchanges, teachers and students of Dalian Maritime University can get close to the frontier theories of various disciplines. , Further, expand the horizons, and activate the academic atmosphere.


Dalian Maritime University attaches great importance to foreign exchanges and inter-university exchanges. Since the reform and opening up, it has formally established cooperative relations with 150internationally renowned universities and units in40countries and regions including Russia, the United States, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Australia, Sweden, Egypt, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka., Teacher-student exchanges, cooperative scientific research, and other aspects have always maintained substantial contacts, and the areas of cooperation are constantly expanding.InMarch2005, the school and the World Maritime University co-organized the "Master's Program in Maritime Safety and Environmental Management" for the first time enrolling students, which further enhanced the level of the school's international cooperation in running schools. The school established an overseas campus of our school in Colombo International Navigation Engineering College, Sri Lanka, and began to enroll students in Sri Lanka in 2007, achieving the first export of China's higher navigation education. The school has also maintained long-term cooperative relations with many international organizations and institutions, including the International Maritime Organization (IMO), International Labour Organization (ILO), International Maritime University Federation (IAMU), Global Maritime Training Association (GlobalMET), International Association of Navigation Teachers (IMLA), Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), Association of Southeast Asian Nations(ASEAN), International Shipping Association (ISF), International Association of Classification Societies (IAS), Baltic Shipping Association (BIMCO), Lloyd’s Register of Shipping (Lloyd's Register) and Japan Yusen (NYK) and other world-renowned shipping companies. The school is also actively carrying out educational innovation, continuously expanding the channels for running schools, and introducing educational resources.


After a hundred years of wind and rain, the fragrance of peaches and plums continues to be a great chapter. Under the correct leadership of the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Education, and the provinces and cities, Dalian Maritime University will not forget its original aspiration, keep its mission in mind, practice the school motto of "learning from all rivers, virtue, and prosperity", and inherit "firm, rigorous, diligent and pioneering" The spirit of Haida, carry forward the Haida tradition of "to help each other in the same boat, arduous, scientific navigation, and patriotism as the root", adhere to the characteristics of shipping, strengthen the development of connotation, and work hard towards the goal of building a world-class maritime university!


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