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International students achieved good results in the National Competition



In order to promote cultural exchanges among the young generations of different countries, enhance foreign students' knowledge of China, friendship with China, and deep understanding of China’s development and changes, discover the touching Chinese stories of international students, and record an extraordinary 2020. The Ministry of Education International Sponsored by the Ministry of Education and hosted by the Overseas Education Service Center of the Ministry of Education, the "Beautiful Encounter with China" series of essay activities and the "Fourth International Student Essay Competition and Short Video Competition" were launched in May.








In this event, a total of more than 1,100 international students from more than 100 universities across the country submitted their entries. After strict review, a total of 128 winning entries were selected. Fang Cao, a Vietnamese student of our school, won the "Essay Feature Award" for his essay "I Contribute to the Fight against the Epidemic". At the same time, our school and other 61 universities across the country won the "Excellent Organization Award".


On the afternoon of December 8, the award ceremony of the "Fourth International Student Essay Contest and Short Video Contest" was held online. Our school's award-winning international student Fang Cao was invited to participate in the ceremony with more than 200 international students from more than 60 countries.






Fang Jun, deputy director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Department of the Ministry of Education, and Yang Ling, deputy director of the Service Center for Overseas Studies of the Ministry of Education, attended the award ceremony and delivered speeches respectively. They affirmed the efforts and progress made by universities across the country in studying abroad in China during the epidemic, and expressed their appreciation for the participation The excellent works are reviewed, expressing the determination and confidence of Chinese universities to face the epidemic and overcome difficulties. At the same time, they encourage international students to face challenges, cherish time, enhance exchanges, and contribute to the exchanges and mutual learning of all countries.




Subsequently, representatives of the award-winning students gave speeches, and they actively exchanged their learning and life experiences and feelings during the epidemic, expressing their gratitude to the Chinese government and universities and their beautiful expectations for the future.


This activity fully demonstrated the positive spirit of the vast number of international students from universities across the country, the warm plot of knowing China and friends, and the outstanding achievements of Chinese universities in studying in China. As the deputy director of Fang Jun said in his speech, the epidemic will eventually pass, and spring will eventually bloom after the cold winter. The International Student Education Center will organize the experience gained during the epidemic, with the friendship towards China, and the good wishes of teachers and students, to march forward bravely and welcome a better tomorrow.


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