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International Student Education escorts health and safety during the winter vacation



In the context of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, more than 50 international students in school ushered in the second closed winter vacation. In order to ensure the normal development of the study and life of international students on campus during the winter vacation and help them spend their vacations happily, the International Student Education Center has formulated a vacation work plan before the vacation, and strengthened its work in logistics, management, training, emergency and other aspects to ensure that it is important Departments and important positions have special personnel on duty every day to escort the physical and mental health and safety of school students during the holidays.


Before the arrival of the Chinese New Year's Eve, in order to help international students at school feel the joy and celebration of the Chinese New Year, and eliminate the longing and loneliness far away from home, the center started a series of activities early, including Spring Festival couplets, hanging lanterns, sending blessings, cooking dumplings, and celebrating the New Year. , Cooking food, and a series of colorful New Year celebration activities made the students fully feel the Chinese New Year, the enthusiasm of the Chinese people and the care of the school family, and they feel particularly warm in the cold winter.


During the period of epidemic prevention and control and closed campus management, the most worried about the center is the health of the students. Every piece of information about physical discomfort will immediately tighten the nerves of the management staff. Since the epidemic, I can’t remember how many times I took international students to the hospital for medical treatment, and the management teachers have also accumulated a wealth of experience in this process. At 9:30 pm on February 26, Yemeni students reported severe gastrointestinal pain and vomiting. The center immediately launched an emergency plan, arranged special personnel to take the students to the hospital, helped advance medical expenses, accompanied by a series of laboratory diagnoses, and continued to comfort Students are nervous. After a busy night, the students have ruled out the possibility of the new crown, received treatment as prescribed by the doctor, and safely brought them back to the dormitory at 6 a.m. on the second day. Dalian ushered in the rare icy, snowy and windy weather since the beginning of the spring on March 1. At 4 a.m., Ugandan nationals International students reported difficulty in breathing, unable to fall asleep, and very anxiety. The center immediately arranged a special person to escort the students to see a doctor. Time is running out. To help students relieve symptoms as soon as possible, the management teacher uses rich experience to complete a series of procedures such as registration, laboratory tests, and blood draws as quickly as possible. According to the doctor's diagnosis, the student was not in a serious condition, and his symptoms and mood were steadily improving. He was safely brought back to the dormitory at 12 noon on the same day. On March 2, continuous snow and traffic congestion made the management teacher walk from home for an hour. The school only escorts the international students who have undergone surgery to the hospital for follow-up visits as scheduled. Seeing that the follow-up visit was in good condition, the hanging heart of the teachers and students was relieved, and all the exhaustion disappeared; March 3 was the day for the re-examination of tuberculosis of the international students in Kenya. The long treatment process in the previous 10 months condensed countless sleeplessness of the management teachers. Day and night escort as well as numerous bumps back and forth between school and hospital. The teachers and students rushed to the hospital early in the morning. After a series of inspections and waiting, all the normal test results reflected the grateful eyes of the students and the gratifying smile of the management teacher. All the hard work in the past was worthwhile.


In the busy schedule, the spring semester of 2021 arrived quietly inadvertently. The center has completed the formulation and preparation of various work plans at the beginning of the semester. Everyone is full of energy and greets the new semester with firm confidence. In the context of continuously strengthening the prevention and control of the epidemic, the center will continue to overcome the challenges and difficulties brought about by the epidemic, and in line with the people-oriented principle, carry out the return, registration, training and management of international students in an orderly manner to ensure that they return to school and do not return to school. The various teaching activities of students have been carried out as scheduled, continue to promote the quality and efficiency of the work of studying in China, and make more contributions to the internationalization of the school.


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