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Three PhD students awarded Outstanding Chinese Government Students


According to the latest results of the 2020 Chinese Government Outstanding International Students Selection by the Ministry of Education, our school recommends three international students: NGUYEN VAN TRUONG, a PhD student in law majoring in Vietnam, and PHAN TRUNG KIEN, a PhD student majoring in marine engineering from Vietnam. (Fan Zhongjie), Nigerian PhD student in Computer Application Technology, SHEHU SHEHI IBRAHIM (Shehu) won the honorary title of "Outstanding Chinese Government Student Studying in China" for his outstanding performance in academic research and social contribution.


As the country's highest honor for outstanding international students in China, the "Chinese Government Outstanding International Students in China" award aims to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, implement the requirements of the National Education Conference, expand the radiation and influence of Chinese government scholarships, and select and Encourage international students who are knowledgeable and friendly, have good character, and have outstanding academic performance. Since its establishment, the award has been highly valued by universities across the country, and more than 1,000 international students participate in the selection every year. In recent years, a total of 12 international students from our school have successively won the award, and the number of award winners ranks among the top in the country.


Introduction of the award-winning students:

1.NGUYEN VAN TRUONG, Chinese name: Ruan Van Chang, Vietnamese, a 2016 PhD student in law major of our school, tutor: Chu Beiping. As an outstanding young teacher of Vietnam Maritime University, the student studied Chinese in our school for one year with the Chinese government scholarship in September 2015, and began studying for a doctorate in law (maritime law) in 2016. Under the careful guidance of the tutor, the student focused on the similarities and differences between China and Vietnam in the field of maritime law. With a good Chinese proficiency, solid professional knowledge, and hardworking spirit, he has achieved excellence in learning and scientific research. As a result, he has published 6 academic papers in many influential international journals. The student loves Chinese culture and actively participates in various cultural and sports activities both inside and outside the school. He has played an active role as an example among international students and demonstrated the good spirit of the overseas students of Hai University.




2. PHAN TRUNG KIEN, Chinese name: Fan Zhongjie, Vietnamese nationality, PhD student of 2017 in marine engineering of our school, tutor: Xu Minyi. As an outstanding young teacher of Vietnam Maritime University, the student received a Chinese government scholarship in September 2016 to come to our school to study Chinese for one year, and began professional studies in September 2017. The student has studied hard, steadfastly studied, and has excellent grades. Under the guidance of his supervisor, he has actively carried out academic research and played an important role in the project team. He has obtained 3 scientific research patents issued by the State Intellectual Property Office, and published EI and SCI-E search papers3 Two papers have an impact factor of 16, and one paper is selected as a highly cited ESI paper. The student is grateful and willing to help others in the center of daily life. He combines personal growth with the work of international students in the school, and combines future planning with the promotion of cultural exchanges between China and Vietnam. He has a good sense of responsibility and overall concept.




3. SHEHU SHEHI IBRAHIM, Chinese name: Shehu, Nigerian, a 2017 PhD student in Computer Application Technology of our school, supervisor: Fu Xianping. The student was funded by the Chinese Government Scholarship in September 2017 to study for a doctorate degree in our school. The student is diligent, studious and hardworking. Although the teaching language is English, he actively learns Chinese after enrollment, and has achieved excellent results in language and culture and professional courses. Under the guidance of the instructor, the student closely integrated his research field with the practice and development of the maritime field, focusing on "using deep learning technology to achieve usable eye gaze tracking", aiming to promote the continuous improvement of driving safety. He has published EI, SCI- E retrieved 5 papers. The student actively participates in large and small academic forums and seminars inside and outside the school, selflessly helping other international students to solve their difficulties in study and life, and while making continuous breakthroughs on their own, they continue to play an active role in the construction of a good academic atmosphere for the school to study in China.




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