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1. When was Dalian University of Technology established?

Dalian University of Technology was established in April 1949, when it was the School of Engineering of Dalian University; in July 1950, the establishment of Dalian University was revoked, and the School of Engineering of Dalian University became independent of Dalian Institute of Technology; in October 1960, it was confirmed as a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education; The graduate school was established in April 1986; the name was changed to Dalian University of Technology in March 1988.


2. What kind of university is Dalian University of Technology?

Dalian University of Technology is a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education, and also a key university in the national "211 Project" and "985 Project".


3. What is the area of ​​Dalian University of Technology?

The school has three campuses: Dalian Lingshui, Development Zone, and Panjin, with a total area of ​​3.5713 million square meters and a building area of ​​about 1,882,500 square meters.


4. How many teachers are there in Dalian University of Technology?

The school has 3,711 faculty members, including 2,140 full-time teachers, including 11 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, 20 dual-employed academicians, 10 members of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, and 18 members of the "Thousand Talents Program". There are 21 distinguished professors and 11 chair professors in the Changjiang Scholars Award Program, 31 winners of the National Outstanding Youth Fund, 8 chief scientists of the "973 Program" project, 1 chief scientist of the "973 Program" young scientist special project, millions of talents 11 national-level candidates for the project, 18 winners of the Cross-Century Excellent Talent Fund of the Ministry of Education, 122 winners of the "New Century Excellent Talents Support Program" of the Ministry of Education, 4 winners of the National University Teaching Teacher Award, teaching in higher schools in Liaoning Province There are 25 winners of the famous teacher award, 578 doctoral supervisors, 653 professors and other senior staff, and 1,150 associate professors and other associates senior staff.


5. How many students are there in Dalian Polytechnic?

The school currently has 34,530 full-time students (3,725 doctoral students, 9,567 master students, 20,685 undergraduates, 72 preparatory students, and 481 foreign students). In addition, there are 4,085 postgraduates studying for a degree, 8,580 students from independent colleges (city colleges), and 115,357 students from continuing education colleges.


6. How many colleges are there in Dalian University of Technology?

The school takes talent training as its fundamental task and pays equal attention to undergraduate education and postgraduate education. It has formed a multidisciplinary system focusing on science and engineering, and coordinated the development of science, engineering, economics, management, literature, law, philosophy, and art. The school has a graduate school, 7 departments (a total of 29 departments), 7 independent colleges, teaching departments, 3 specialized colleges and 1 independent college.


7. How to apply for admission to Dalian University of Technology?

①Applicants must log in to http://iso.dlut.edu.cn/ and click on the "Online Registration Student Entrance" icon to enter.

②The first-time applicant must register a login user name and password before entering the online application page with the user name and password.

③It is recommended to use IE browser (6.0 or 7.0). Use other browsers to apply online, which may affect the correct selection of some menus.


8. How to write a study plan in China when applying for Dalian University of Technology?

Applicants can elaborate on the specific content or professional information they intend to study in China or in accordance with their own research fields and research directions. For applicants applying for postgraduate degrees or advanced study students, the "study plan in China" is very important and needs to be written in detail. The number of words is not less than 800 words.


9. Can materials such as the acceptance letter or e-mail from the tutor of Dalian University of Technology be used as the admission notice?

The admission notice provided by the applicant must be the admission notice issued by the admissions department of foreign students in China. The acceptance letter, email or other materials issued by the tutor or professor contacted by the applicant cannot be used as the admission basis of the school.


10. Can foreign citizen of Chinese origin apply to Dalian University of Technology?

Only those who have obtained a foreign passport for 4 years and have lived in the place of residence for at least 2 consecutive years can apply.


11. Does Dalian University of Technology offer an airport pick-up service?

Check-in at the specified time and there will be a free pick-up service. 


12. Can I apply for a Chinese government scholarship without getting the admission letter from Dalian University of Technology in advance?

Yes. If the admission notice is not attached to the application materials, the CSC has the right to determine the applicant's chosen school, major, funding category, and scholarship period based on the acceptance capabilities of each scholarship institution, the requirements of the professional education system, and the applicant's conditions. Appropriate adjustments will be made; for the application materials with the school admission notice, the Scholarship Council will directly send the admission notice to the institution that issued the admission notice to confirm the admission.


13. Can I apply for Chinese government scholarship directly to Dalian University of Technology?

Master and doctoral students are available. For undergraduates, general advanced studies, advanced studies, please contact the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your country.


14. Can I apply for the Confucius Institute Scholarship directly to Dalian University of Technology?

No. Please contact the Confucius Institute where the applicant is located or the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your country.


15. I am studying at Dalian University of Technology, can I apply for multiple scholarship programs?

Yes, but our school reserves only one scholarship qualification.


16. How can I check the scholarship application result when I am at Dalian University of Technology?

Dalian University of Technology, China announces the results at http://sie.dlut.edu.cn/ at the end of July each year, and the results shall prevail.


17. Can I get credits for studying at Dalian University of Technology?

Yes. Dalian University of Technology offers a variety of credit courses. After you have completed your studies, we can provide the necessary documents to assist you in obtaining credits recognized by your university. Of course, whether or not to obtain credits should be determined by your university. Therefore, it is best to explain the situation to your university before you come to our school.


18. Can I rent a house outside Dalian University of Technology?

Yes. However, international students need to obtain relevant application forms and registration forms from the office before moving in, and register with the homeowner at the police station of their housing jurisdiction within 24 hours after moving in. Then, under the guidance of the office, prepare relevant certification materials and go to the Exit-Entry Administration Department of Dalian Public Security Bureau to go through relevant procedures such as changing the address of residence permit within 10 days after check-in.


19. What facilities does Dalian University of Technology International Student Apartment have?

1) Boriu Apartment (on-campus)

• Room type: single room, double room

• Apartment facilities: toilet, shower, broadband, laundry room (public), kitchen (public)

2) International student dormitory (off-campus)

• Room type: Standard Room

• Apartment facilities: TV, air conditioning, bathroom, shower, broadband, laundry room (public), kitchen (public)


20. How much is the accommodation cost of Dalian University of Technology?





Ph.D & International  Student Dormitory

Single Room


Stay for more than 3  months
 Internet at own expense

Double Room


Single Room


Stay for less than 3  months
 Internet at own expense

Double Room




Negotiated between the host family and the student

Offered a separate room,  breakfast and supper


21. How much is the insurance cost of Dalian University of Technology?



One month (short-term)


One semester


One year



22. How much is the tuition fee of Dalian University of Technology?




Application Fee

Chinese  Language Program

One Week



Two  Weeks


Three  Weeks


Four  Weeks


Two Months


Three  Months


One  Semester



One Year


 (Chinese, Foreign Languages, Humanities & Social Sciences)

One Year


Bachelor is 4-year  program*

Master is 3-year  Program

Ph.D is 4-year  Program



 (Sciences & Technology, Economics & Management)




 (Art Design)


 (English-taught Programs)


 (Chinese, Foreign Languages, Humanities & Social Sciences)


 (English-taught Programs)

 (Sciences & Technology, Economics & Management)


 (English-taught Programs)



 (Art Design)


 (Chinese, Foreign Languages, Humanities & Social Sciences)


 (Sciences & Technology, Economics & Management)


 (English-taught Program)


* Some bachelor majors are 5-year programs.


23. What is the undergraduate system of Dalian University of Technology?

The undergraduate international student education system is divided into four or five years. The duration of four-year undergraduate majors is 3 to 6 academic years; the duration of five-year undergraduate majors is 4 to 7 academic years.


24. What is the postgraduate education system of Dalian University of Technology?

Academic postgraduates (including architectural degrees) have a basic academic system of 3 years. If they cannot respond on time due to special reasons, they must submit an extension application to the Graduate School for graduation within a deadline. The longest time from admission to graduation for academic master's students shall not exceed 5 years (including the time of suspension).

The length of schooling for doctoral students is 3-4 years. Those who exceed the basic length of schooling must submit an extension application to the Graduate School. The maximum length of study for PhD students is 6 years (including time of absence).


25. What is the admission procedure of Dalian University of Technology?

(1) Admission

1) International students admitted in accordance with the school's regulations need to bring the admission notice and relevant documents to the School of International Education (International Students Office) to complete the registration procedures on the date set by the school. Those who are unable to enroll on time for some reason should apply for leave and provide relevant certification materials to the International Education Institute (International Student Office) in time. Generally, the time of asking for leave cannot exceed two weeks. Those who fail to apply for leave or who fail to register after the deadline shall be deemed to have given up their admission qualifications, except for legitimate reasons such as force majeure.

2) Within one month after enrollment of international students, the school will conduct a review in accordance with the regulations. The review includes the review of admission qualifications and the submission of the "Foreigner Physical Examination Record" or physical examination.

Register after passing the re-examination and obtain student status; those who do not meet the requirements after the re-examination will be canceled.

Anyone who commits fraud will be immediately disqualified from enrollment once it is verified.

(2) Registration

1) Freshmen of international students should be registered and obtain student status after review. When registering, you should fill in the "Student Information Card" (in duplicate) and the required items on the student ID.

2) International students on campus must apply for online registration in person within the time specified at the beginning of each semester and go to each department (college) with their student ID to complete the student ID registration procedures in order to obtain the qualifications for this semester. Those who cannot register as scheduled for some reason must provide relevant certificates in advance and ask for leave from the International Education Institute (International Student Office) and the office of the department (college) where they belong, otherwise they will be treated as absenteeism. Those who have not asked for leave or are not approved for leave, and fail to register at the school within two weeks of the expiry date will be treated as an automatic withdrawal.

3) Before international students register in the first semester of each academic year, self-financed students must pay tuition, accommodation, insurance, etc. as required. Students who have not paid are not allowed to register or choose courses.


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