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"March 8" Women's Day Flower Arrangement Activity


On the occasion of the 111th International Women's Day, in order to enrich the cultural life of the faculty and staff, on the afternoon of March 5, the college trade union held a small flower basket arrangement theme activity of "Catch the Spring Festival". The event invited senior florist teachers to teach flower arranging skills to the faculty, and more than 30 faculty members felt the charm of flower arranging art in the fragrance of flowers.


At the event site, the senior florist teacher first introduced the history and origin of flower arranging art to everyone, and then gave a detailed explanation and demonstration from the angles of flower materials and basic modeling techniques. Subsequently, everyone used the flowers in their hands to create a piece of flower arrangement that is full of spring, graceful and elegant.




This activity not only enriched the spiritual and cultural life of faculty and staff, but also promoted the good customs of unity, progress, harmony and innovation. Through the flower arrangement activities, it adds a bit of agility to everyone's lives, and also allows the faculty and staff who have worked hard in their posts over the past year to gain a happy mood, and make everyone feel the happiness and warmth from the national education family.




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