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Postgraduate education


1. Professional Introduction

The Master's Degree in International Education of Chinese Language from the School of International Education of the Dalian University of Technology is dedicated to cultivating high-level, applied, compound and international specialized talents who are suitable for the international promotion of Chinese language in the new era and the spread of Chinese culture to the outside world, and who are competent for a variety of teaching tasks. Degree recipients should have proficient Chinese as a second language teaching skills, good cultural communication skills and cross-cultural communication skills. Through a complete curriculum system, high-quality teaching content, unique research directions and diversified practical links, this major solidly and comprehensively cultivates students' awareness of the international communication of Chinese language, expands students’ Chinese and cultural knowledge, and improves Students' skills in teaching Chinese as a second language and cross-cultural communication skills.


This major will bring together superior discipline resources related to Chinese international education majors, such as the School of International Education, the Chinese Department of the Humanities Department, the School of Foreign Languages, and the School of Marxism, to set Chinese teaching and research, second language acquisition research, literary classics and Chinese culture The four research directions of research and international communication of Chinese roads jointly cultivate master students majoring in Chinese international education.


This major adopts a combination of classroom teaching and teaching practice at home and abroad. Classroom teaching implements equal emphasis on lectures and research, select high-level papers, books, and teaching practice results in related research fields for research and discussion, and cultivates students' ability to think independently and research problems. At the same time, taking advantage of the cooperation advantages of domestic cooperative education, scientific research and cultural institutions, foreign-friendly schools, Confucius Institutes at Belarusian State University, and Confucius Classrooms, all students can go to practice bases at home and abroad for teaching Chinese as a foreign language and internships for the promotion of Chinese culture.



professional code


research direction

Ways of learning

School system




Chinese International Education

01. Chinese Teaching and Research

02. Research on Second Language Acquisition

03. Literary Classics and Chinese Cultural Studies

04. Research on International Communication of Chinese Roads


2 years


This major recruits undergraduate graduates of Chinese International Education, Chinese Language and Literature, Foreign Language and Literature, Journalism and Communication and related majors; all kinds of personnel who have a bachelor's degree or equivalent and are interested in the international promotion of Chinese language; overseas have the same qualifications Chinese teachers or graduates of related majors.


2. Admissions related information

For specific enrollment information, please refer to the enrollment homepage of the Graduate School of Dalian University of Technology:

Please see http://gs.dlut.edu.cn/info/1136/11217.htm


For the 2019 postgraduate enrollment guidelines of Dalian University of Technology, please see



For research directions and examination subjects, please visit:


For the self-proposed subject examination outline of the 2019 National Postgraduate Admissions Examination of Dalian University of Technology:

Please refer to http://gs.dlut.edu.cn/info/1084/16101.htm 


3. Contact

D130, School of International Education, Dalian University of Technology (New Building of the Faculty of Management and Economics)

Contact person: Teacher Du

Contact number: 0411-84770809

Contact email: duxl@dlut.edu.cn

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